Best Hackathon Software Used in Artificial Intelligence

Introduction Those interested in pursuing a career in machine learning should do so without hesitation. Why? Because it is one of the fastest-growing areas of computer science today. In celebration of computer science as a whole, related companies and organizations often host hackathons. Hackathons are like marathons that require no […]

How Does a MERN Stack Work?

Web application development has advanced so much and learning more about a MERN stack could be a game changer. JavaScript itself has undergone multiple changes, with the State of Javascript survey revealing that this encompasses elements such as frameworks, techniques, and features used for developing complex apps. Alongside the broad […]

Atomically Thin Materials Significantly Shrink Qubits

Quantum computing is a devilishly complex technology, with many technical hurdles impacting its development. Of these challenges two critical issues stand out: miniaturization and qubit quality. IBM has adopted the superconducting qubit road map of reaching a 1,121-qubit processor by 2023, leading to the expectation that 1,000 qubits with today’s […]