5 Tips for Mobile Google Slides

Install the Google Slides app on your phone. I love the freedom of standing up from my desk and walking away knowing I can continue to work on my Google Slides from anywhere. Including when I am a passenger in a car. Here are 5 tips for mobile Google Slides. […]

Google Classroom Send High Fives

Celebrate student success! Which of your students are doing really well? If you are a Google Classroom user you can use a free Schoolytics account to recognize students who are crushing it. Action Items After logging into Schoolytics with your Google Account (and having connected your Google Classroom classes) notice […]

Trends in Technology That Improve Retail Stores

Technology makes our lives more convenient. You can find these advancements everywhere, even in stores. Learn about trends in technology that improve retail stores. Convenient Checkout Options Paying for merchandise at checkout has never been easier. Credit card machines continue to advance in ways that make us less reliant on […]

Best Hackathon Software Used in Artificial Intelligence

Introduction Those interested in pursuing a career in machine learning should do so without hesitation. Why? Because it is one of the fastest-growing areas of computer science today. In celebration of computer science as a whole, related companies and organizations often host hackathons. Hackathons are like marathons that require no […]

Only a cyborg deserves to live for ever

The dream of eternal life keeps returning like a boomerang, popping up in various configurations of narratives embedded in the culture. Nothing beats motion pictures at telling stories of the technology that holds the key to nearing eternal life. Of all the compelling portrayals of the possibilities and fears associated […]

A Brief Guide to 3D Secure Authentication

What is 3D Secure Authentication and Why Do I Need it? If you are a company providing an online shopping or transaction service there’s nothing more important than ensuring the customer has the safest and most secure payment experience.   With more and more fraudsters looking to get your money it’s […]

How to Print a Google Form

Google Forms are a digital solution for collecting data, however, sometimes you need either the form or the results on paper. You can use the built in features of Google Forms or use one of my Add-ons to have more control over the printing options. I will show you both […]