What Is a DWF File and how to open it? –

A file with the .DWF file extension is a file type developed by Autodesk for the purpose of efficient distribution and communication of rich design data to anyone who needs to view, review, or print design files. Anyone who is a user of AutoCAD programs will know that when working with the […]

What is DevSecOps? Securing devops pipelines

Software runs our businesses today. It powers operations, transactions, communications—just about every facet of the digital organization. It follows that ensuring the security of applications and operating systems is a major priority for development and security teams. This is where DevSecOps plays a key role. Development, security, and operations DevSecOps […]

5 Tips for Mobile Google Slides

Install the Google Slides app on your phone. I love the freedom of standing up from my desk and walking away knowing I can continue to work on my Google Slides from anywhere. Including when I am a passenger in a car. Here are 5 tips for mobile Google Slides. […]

Top 5 Play-To-Earn Games in 2022?

From being frowned upon for wasting time by playing games, Gaming has taken upon a different role in the last decade or so to become an option for full-time careers and celebrity games, and a whole lot of communities around the world spending so much time around it. I remember […]

The Device That Changed Everything

I was roaming around the IEEE Spectrum office a couple of months ago, looking at the display cases the IEEE History Center has installed in the corridor that runs along the conference rooms at 3 Park. They feature photos of illustrious engineers, plaques for IEEE milestones, and a handful of […]

Google Classroom Send High Fives

Celebrate student success! Which of your students are doing really well? If you are a Google Classroom user you can use a free Schoolytics account to recognize students who are crushing it. Action Items After logging into Schoolytics with your Google Account (and having connected your Google Classroom classes) notice […]