Getting started with Plotapi Line Fight

samples = [ “order”: 0, “name”: “Sankey”, “value”: 10, “order”: 0, “name”: “Terminus”, “value”: 10, “order”: 0, “name”: “Chord”, “value”: 40, “order”: 0, “name”: “Bar Fight”, “value”: 90, “order”: 0, “name”: “Pie Fight”, “value”: 70, “order”: 1, “name”: “Sankey”, “value”: 30, “order”: 1, “name”: “Terminus”, “value”: 20, “order”: 1, “name”: […]

GitHub Copilot for Business plans unveiled

GitHub has unveiled business usage terms for its GitHub Copilot AI-based coding assistant, making the service available to businesses for $19 per month per user. The company also vowed to keep users’ own code safe from retention, storage, or sharing by GitHub. GitHub Copilot for Business gives organizations license management, […]