Changing Font Sizes

Preamble¶ In [1]: from plotapi import Sankey Sankey.set_license(“your username”, “your license key”) Introduction¶ The Plotapi Sankey diagram font-sizes changed independently. As we can see, we have set our license details in the preamble with Sankey.set_license(). Dataset¶ Plotapi Sankey expects a list of dictionary items, these will define the flow between a […]

An enterprise architecture approach to ESG

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) challenges are a hot topic in boardrooms these times.  It’s no shock. World-altering stories on the point out of weather transform are delivered with alarming regularity. Range and social inclusion misalignment, together with lax environmental values, are accelerating ‘the good resignation’. And getting the firm’s […]

How to prepare for trust in the metaverse

&#13 The metaverse will need to have procedures to govern stability, interactions amongst customers, tax selection, data governance, regulatory compliance and more. These regulations are not yet settled, but presently, metaverse platforms are posing new governance and stability worries. A new, fewer centralised digital planet will possible offer new assault […]