Ray Kase has been hired as Luzerne County government’s new information technology director.

The position had been vacant since Mauro DiMauro resigned Dec. 16. County 911 GIS Manager David Skoronski had been filling in as temporary director since March.

Kase said he owned an IT consulting business primarily working with school districts in recent years and previously worked for 20 years in IT management positions for school districts throughout the state.

Initially immersed in an assessment of county staff and technology support needs, Kase said he is now heavily focused on two critical projects related to network connectivity in buildings and servers that hold county data and programs.

A council majority had voted in January to earmark up to $2.463 million in federal American Rescue Plan funding to cover a range of hardware, software and services, including a virtualization infrastructure upgrade that IT representatives had characterized as urgent.

Kase commended

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How to Protect Your High-End Business from Cybercrime


Cybercrime is among the leading dangers to a business’ success. Cybercrime
entails gaining unauthorized access to a computer system or an information
database. Cyberterrorists seek to steal, corrupt, alter or use data for a
ransom. So far in 2022, cybercrime has caused businesses and individuals a
loss of $6 trillion.

High-end businesses, such as selling pricey handbags and diamond stud
earrings, face the highest risk of cyber-attacks. Their high revenues make
them particularly attractive to cyberterrorists. As an owner of a high-end
business, it is in your best interest to make significant investments in

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Intro to Top 10 Common Types of Cyber Attacks

As technology has advanced over the years, so have the cybersecurity tactics
in use. Cybersecurity tactics evolve because the cyber-attack methods used by
cyber terrorists change. It is, therefore, important to ensure that your
business’ cyber security plan is up to

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The outbreak of COVID 19 has negatively impacted almost every sector in the world. Many businesses have collapsed and people have lost their jobs. The financial crunch is what every person on the planet has faced. It is now definite that the traditional jobs are not as reliable as we thought and having savings is way better than purchasing the latest iPhone just for the sake of it. So for everyone out there looking at earning some extra cash, we have worked out easy ways to make money online. Some of the methods given below can make you money online without investment and some do need initial investment so always be careful.

So, if you are a person looking for new opportunities to earn some extra money or a student stuck at home, looking for some income, here are 10 free websites that can help you make money online. All

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The National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) is the only national network that allows for the capture and comparison of ballistic evidence to assist in solving crimes involving firearms.

That technology is being utilized right here in Carrollton.

Recently, officers with the Carrollton Police Department helped Dekalb County locate the firearm and a lead in a current homicide investigation.

Back in October, Officer Zack Hicks with the Carrollton Police Department performed a traffic stop on a vehicle for an equipment violation.

During the stop, Hicks recognized the odor of marijuana coming from the driver and immediately began an investigation with the assistance of Officer Kane Moore of CPD.

During the investigation, the driver fled on foot. When apprehended after a foot chase, it was discovered the suspect had an amount of marijuana in his possession as well as a firearm.

Further investigation revealed the suspect was a convicted felon, legally

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