In just a few years, organizations whose operations are grounded in digital information have accumulated wealth and gained influence. The organizations that best understand their customers will set the Information Age in motion. Recently, Microsoft conducted a poll of UK businesses, and the vast majority of respondents stated that they’ve either started implementing cloud services or that they’re on the way to implementing them. According to them, the uptick in entrepreneurs like James Cuthbert, whom Microsoft refers to as entrepreneurs, have enabled these services to exist.

This outstanding technocrat has positioned himself as one of the primary influencers of firms who rely on technology for their operations.

The methods he uses for PCs to produce, process, store, retrieve, and exchange information and for preserving the security of such systems has helped him manage large data infrastructures for the many companies he handles.

Because James has good, co-operative relationships in

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We write a lot about self-driving vehicles here at Hackaday, but it’s fair to say that most of the limelight has fallen upon large and well-known technology companies on the west coast of the USA. It’s worth drawing attention to other parts of the world where just as much research has gone into autonomous transport, and on that note there’s an interesting milestone from Europe. The British company Oxbotica has successfully made the first zero-occupancy on-road journey in Europe, on a public road in Oxford, UK.

The glossy promo video below the break shows the feat as the vehicle with number plates signifying its on-road legality drives round the relatively quiet roads through one of the city’s technology parks, and promises a bright future of local deliveries and urban transport. The vehicle itself is interesting, it’s a platform supplied by the Aussie outfit AppliedEV, an electric spaceframe vehicle

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Rochester Institute of Technology students can soon begin earning a minor in an emerging field that could disrupt the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines. RIT students can now take classes toward a minor in quantum information science and technology.

“This is a hot field garnering a lot of attention and we are excited to offer students a chance to gain some technical depth in quantum so they can take this knowledge and go the next step with their careers,” said Ben Zwickl, associate professor in RIT’s School of Physics and Astronomy and advisor for the minor. “It will provide a pathway for students from any STEM major to take two core courses that introduce them to quantum and some of its applications, as well as strategically pick some upper-level courses within or outside their program.”

Quantum physics seeks to understand the rules and effects of manipulating the smallest

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Major media outlets are reporting that Google might be planning to disappear 869,000 unused apps from Play Store soon. According to CNET, these apps that have not been updated for a while might be really harder for users to find until new updates have been made by their respective developers.

The reason behind this drastic measure is to ensure that apps are maintained to a certain standard and also the obvious security reason. The major issue with Play Store is that developers don’t have to renew their Developer license often. All they need to do is to make a one-time purchase of $25 dollars and you can publish apps for the rest of your lives.

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But when it comes to iOS, there is an annual fee that developers are required to renew if they want to

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