The British Army has apologised after its Twitter and YouTube accounts were compromised by entities that used them to promote NFT.

As recorded by The Wayback Machine, the @BritishArmy Twitter feed hosted content promoting non-fungible tokens described as “The Anomalies is a collection of special Possessed 1/1s”.

@British Army Twitter account hijack from Wayback Machine

@British Army Twitter account hijack from Wayback Machine. Click to enlarge

According to Web3-watcher Web3 is going just great , the British Arm YouTube account was taken over at the same time as the Twitter takedown.

The YouTube takeover replaced the legit account with regalia that faked that used by an investment management firm and filled with more crypto boosterism, namely a video that cut an old chat between Elon Musk and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey into a new and misleading narrative.

The @BritishArmy account apologized for the outage.

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(Disclosure: All of the suppliers described are customers of the writer.)

I satisfied this 7 days with Stefan Engel, Lenovo’s vice president and general supervisor of visuals small business, and we chatted about where by displays are — and exactly where they are going. That prompted me to reflect on why screens are probably headed towards obsolescence by the stop of the decade, and the different ways Dell, HP, and Lenovo are using now. 

Permit me start with that very last place very first. 

Dell, HP, and Lenovo march to distinct monitor drummers

When it will come to placing up a check, most consumers are also intrigued in speakers and a webcam — especially in the movie-centric globe in which we now function. Dell views it monitors as totally separate items cameras and speakers (with some exceptions) are commonly separate, though Dell does have a tendency to assistance charging and

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Seems to be like we might have been a bit untimely in our dismissal previous 7 days of the Sun’s prospective for throwing a temper tantrum, as which is precisely what happened when a G1 geomagnetic storm hit the earth early final week. To be honest, the storm was pretty minor — aurora obvious down to the latitude of Calgary isn’t terribly strange — but the odd issue about this storm was that it form of snuck up on us. Solar scientists initially thought it was a coronal mass ejection (CME), probably connected to the “monster sunspot” that had speedily tripled in dimension and was getting hyped up as some kind of world killer. But it appears this sneak attack came from yet another, fewer-examined phenomenon, a co-rotating conversation region, or CIR. These audio a little bit like eddy currents in the photo voltaic wind, which can bunch up plasma

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(Google; The Washington Post illustration)

In post-Roe America, Google searches and location records can be evidence of a crime. Here are four ways Google should protect civil rights in its products now.

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We the users want Google to delete our data. Our rights depend on it.

This is a moment I’ve long worried would arrive. The way tens of millions of Americans use everyday Google products has suddenly become dangerous. Following the Supreme Court decision to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling, anything Google knows about you could be acquired by police in states where abortion is now illegal. A search for “Plan B,” a ping to Google Maps at an abortion clinic or even a message you send about taking a pregnancy test could all become

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