Types of Backlinks in SEO

12 Types of Backlinks – best, good and bad for SEO in 2021

Various backlinks point towards a website. It plays an enormous role in how search engines determine the value of the website. They are also known as external links and are the most significant ranking factors that are used by search algorithms. The two major driving forces for effective SEO are links and content. Earning and acquiring backlinks could be an integral part of a good SEO campaign. Links help in signalling the search engines that one website would consider the other one as trustworthy and authoritative. Besides, it also provides valuable information. Links from authoritative websites could help in boosting referral traffic, brand awareness and impact the visibility of the website directly. If you are looking for affordable SEO packages, you could easily buy backlinks packages from trustworthy SEO agencies

Glance through the various types of backlinks when it comes to SEO.

Guest Post Links: Guest blogging is writing an article as a guest author on a credible website with a link back to your website. High-quality content creators often write on other blogs or websites that belong to their niche which could be insightful and relevant. The right method to build guest post links is by making good connections with other webmasters. Avoid spamming on websites. If you make good guest posts that involve high-quality content which is educational and informative, you might get various other opportunities. Never pay for published posts but focus more on creating meaningful connections with other websites that belong to your niche market.

Comments on Blogs: Link building using blog comments was popular until the nofollow link became popular. Blog comment link building would mean that the users might leave comments on different blog posts and this would direct keyword-rich anchor text onto a landing page on a website. Slowly, the blog comment links became automated and spamming became a factor for frustration for many webmasters. This practice should not be followed just to gain links. If the blog comments are spam, the search engine would detect it and becomes a violation of guidelines. Organic and meaningful comments on blog posts are welcomed. If you engage with trustworthy, relevant and authoritative websites, blog commenting could be relevant or insightful. However, consider various factors before commenting to avoid manipulative link schemes.

Paid Links: You could get paid links in exchange for money or something of value. Buying links can be a strategy that holds little value in the eyes of a search engine. However, when an SEO agency does it for you, the scenario is different. You might be seeking help from them regarding SEO services and they could add links as a part of their SEO service. Hence, it doesn’t amount to directly purchasing links. Direct purchase of links from someone is a big no-no as there is a huge chance for spam websites to be on the list.

Social Bookmarking Links: Social bookmarking means the users who are saving the links to web pages so that they can keep them for later or share them. The bookmarks are publically left on bookmarking sites. There would be various networks, groups or even private domains and they would be categorised with tags. The webmasters in past used to list their sites on various bookmarking social sites. This used to help them in benefitting from increased traffic. This method doesn’t have much value in the present day. If you would get involved in communities that are relevant to the industry, you could interact with the audience on forums with relevant content sharing.

Exchanged links: Also known as reciprocal links, exchanged link is about the agreement made by two webmasters to links back to each other’s websites. Two people come together to make an exchange that would benefit both of their websites. Reciprocal link exchanges might be an appealing SEO method. However, the link falls under link schemes. This would be considered as a black hat SEO practice. These are strongly against the guidelines of search engines. If the site has backlinks that get exchanged with others, this would be considered as an attempt to manipulate the search results. Websites that participate in such a form of link building might even get banned from search engines.

Link Building Using Directory Pages: Link directories or web directories are an online catalogue or list of businesses or websites. They were used in past to build backlinks. However, if this practice happens today, your website might get penalised. These directory links do not have much influence. This is a form of unnatural link building. If you need the website listed in directories, you could use high quality and reputable sites with correct information.

Author Bio Backlinks: Almost all articles that get published online would have an author or bio profile. When blogging was in its prime years, adding exact match anchor text for links in author bios was a usual practice. Authors used to end the paragraph by adding a link to their website, affiliated online store or a variety of other social media profiles. The danger here is that this practice could result in being spammed. Such websites are examined based on keywords and anchor text by search engines. If you want to link from the author bio, do it only on a trustworthy website. Focus more on brand anchor and do not use keyword-rich anchor text which might contribute to links being seen as spam.

Many other backlinks are done as a part of the SEO strategy. However, it is highly recommended to practice just the popular and commonly used methods implemented by most users in the present day. However, when an SEO agency handles the SEO strategy, they would only implement the widely used and recommended practices rather than using an old or an outdated practice. It would be an ideal thing to look up affordable SEO Packages and shortlist and find out a good SEO agency with experience and expertise. They would help you build a successful SEO strategy, right from the scratch. They would also offer their services in link building so that the brand turns authoritative and ranks higher in search results. 

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