Are you sure you are not misunderstanding this Off-Page SEO!?

6 Off Page SEO Strategies That Will Rank You on Page One of Google

So a parody of the movie ‘Taken’ takes place in the city of webmasters. Bryan Mills finds out that his website is in trouble. He calls the number and delivers his very famous dialogue – “I don’t know who you are and where you are, but I am going to find you and ask you to remove all those links.” Those familiar with SEO must surely have got the joke. All this tragicomedy has been a reality and is a result of wrong off-page SEO tactics being used among many. If you have no idea of what SEO tactics are, take a look here – But what actually is Off-Page SEO? And how do people misunderstand it?

What actually is On-Page and Off-Page?

Let’s take an example. Suppose you have opened a Fashion and Clothing House. Now you are discussing what should the floor be like, how tall the building should be, what color pattern to use, the state guidelines to follow, and all that will change the shop’s appearance and make it ready to be opened for the world. This we can think of as On-Site changes. Now it comes to spreading the word about the company around. You can choose either spreading pamphlets, going for TV commercials, choosing the local newspaper, or your local social network to recommend your outlet. This we can consider Off-Site changes.

Now, when it comes to the internet world, the fundamentals remain the same. You have a website; you want to make it ready to be put before the public for use; then you want to spread words about it and turn it into a brand. But we have a mediator here, and we call it a search engine. A search engine is like a guru who guides people to the places they desire. But there are some guidelines that it wants websites to follow. Any neglect results in a loss of ranking and even a permanent ban on the servers. When you look to get the SEO Packages for lowest price, you simply look for SEO services to guide your website towards that much-craved SERP. Those SEO services mainly focus on On-page SEO, which means that they optimize your website’s content according to the rules and guidelines given by search engines.

But On-Page optimization alone does not lead to that top spot. It takes much more than this, and this much-more comes under Off-Page SEO. Creating a shop is comparatively easier, but spreading the word and nourishing it into a brand is vital. But what actually is this Off-Page?

A brief introduction to Off-Page SEO.

Off-Page SEO is everything that you do apart from your website. It mainly focuses on spreading the word, and for this, it takes many things into account. The main of all these things is link-building. Why is link building important? Before we tell you this, here are few other ways that make up as a part of off-page SEO:

  • Trying to create quality backlinks from trustworthy websites having good trust score.
  • Using relevant DoFollow and NoFollow tags.
  • Taking care of broken links.
  • Social Media presence.
  • Influencer Marketing. This means that making any influencer to spread a word or two about your website in between their content.
  • Blog Posting.
  • Using Local SEO.

All these ways we have written about directly-indirectly helps in building links and spreading the word. Link-building has to do with linking different content within the websites using inbound links, and linking one website to other using outbound links. When you read an article and there you see a word hyperlinked to some external website, know that it is an outbound link. If the same hyperlink is sending you to some other page within the same website, it is an inbound link. Take an idea of link-building and its parts from here – But why is link-building important and why do they make up a part of Off-Page SEO?

The importance of link-building.

It is not just about link-building, but quality link building. You can form a group and speak fair and fancy about each other before the world. But this is no fair practice. People used to do this in SEO too. We call this practice link-farming. You have few websites and those websites link to each other. Google considers this as a black-hat tactic and it leads to penalties and a ban at last. We call these links as two-way links and reciprocal links. If you are under budget then look to get the SEO packages for lowest price. Please rank me now. But Google now intends on providing a better user experience.

Back when link-building was at its infancy, people were tricking it around. But then, back in 2012, Google revealed its spell as the Penguin Update. People were sent into mayhem. There were croons and cries around about the sudden drop in the ranking of websites that were thriving till.

Now there are few factors that it takes into consideration:

The EAT factor.

EAT stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Expertise looks if you hold the wisdom and strength to be speaking about the things you are speaking about. For this, it takes your links into consideration. If your website links to other websites in the same niche, then there are chances that you hold some experience in the subject.

Authoritativeness checks if you are an authority website in your subject. For example, sky sports is an authority website in sports. It will happen when you will have too many quality links from other top websites. Building authority takes time. Many SEO companies provide links based on trust score, like, and this helps in building the brand image beyond levels.

Trustworthiness looks at the quality of your links. If you have too many low-quality websites linking to you, spam websites linking to you, or some other blackhat linking, then you need to look into it. If you have a tight budget, you can get the SEO packages for lowest price. There are many companies that provide many different affordable plans for different needs.

Domain Age

The older the domain, the better are its chances for ranking better. We all know that a sudden surge always draws suspicion.

Domain and Page Authority

This is a scoring factor developed by Moz that rates the websites based on some factor. If your website is getting links from some higher DA or PA rating, it will influence your ranking positively.


Country-level domains, diversity of links, paid links, anchor text, IP address, etc, all form a part of the ranking factors that impact the quality of links and ultimately the ranking of your website.


If you want to stay for long in the market, focus on both, On-Page and Off-Page. Get the SEO Packages for lowest price and have patience. On-page helps google to know about your website, its content, its intent, etc. Off-Page helps it understand the quality of your website. Write quality content. It leads to a higher user-retention rate and lower bounce rate. This results in a higher ranking. Check this website – – to get an idea about how experts nurture and guide a website toward success.

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