Avoid these logo design mistakes this year!

Logos are the identity and face of any brand. We recognize many brands just from their logo design. And, if you think creating a logo is an easy task, then you know nothing about it! Well, yes! When it comes to its design, a lot of thought and effort goes in.


And, one must be cautious to not make it seem like a copy of another bigger brand. If not, you need to prepare for a lawsuit. Instead of choosing a default logo, invest some funds in a designer and get a custom design. Here are some of the common mistakes you need to avoid while creating the logo,


Inadequate research


Your logo is nothing but your essence of the business in an image format. Environment-friendly companies usually use greens, trees and animals as a part of their logo designing. And an independent brand uses more pop-art references because of their need to stand out from the crowd.


So, to decide on the logo, you need to research first. Having a clear idea about the brand’s objectives and goals helps you narrow down a couple of ideas. Research doesn’t just mean looking for icons but, checking the colour scheme, lines and texture etc.




Every person has their own sense of viewing things. If you’re sharing your ideas with the designer, provide them with precise information about what you’re looking for. Unless you’re okay to hand over the creative aspect to the designer, communicate with the designer and give them a direction to follow.


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The technical part


What colours are you choosing for your logo? And how do you imagine using the lines? All of these minute things matter while creating the logo. You need to know your competitor’s logo creation and figure out things that stands you apart from the rest.


The thickness of the lines in the design, the typography, the symmetry, etc, matters when designing. These days many people prefer to use asymmetrical layout because it draws attention. Though it does look intriguing, many might not like it because of how distracting it seems. Minimalism is another trend that never fades. The audience finds it easy to understand and relate to the brand.


Final thoughts


While the above aspects are important, you also need to ensure that everyone uses the same imaging everywhere. Since you have spent a lot of time, money and effort in creating the design, it is only justified when people follow it.


And, remember to create diverse versions that cater for different purposes. Sometimes, your logo might not be visible when placed on an image or paper. The audience can easily forget generic imagery. Maintaining different versions will keep attention alive and going.

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