Why is Local SEO Important for Dentists?

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When you are running a dental clinic, you can’t expect a person to cross three states to visit your clinic, as in the case of the dental practice, most patients are from the local area. This is why, instead of trying to reach the global market through your dental website, every dentist must focus on local SEO and target the local market. 

It is not like you can’t target people other than those living in the local area, but making a website means being practical, and local SEO is ideal for beginning on the right foot. It is also suitable for building a solid base for your dental practice. 

So are you ready to start winning more local patients? Keep reading to master the art of local SEO. 

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is an essential branch of SEO strategy narrowed down to targeting the local market by optimizing the digital presence. Through local SEO, a dentist can gain more organic traffic, leads and enhances brand awareness. 

One can do many things using local SEO, like optimizing GMB profile, building local links, finding keywords for local searches, and much more. 

The importance of local SEO for dentists 

Local SEO is necessary, even according to the current stats. 

Local SEO is crucial for dentists since, in the current era, this is the primary way of increasing the number of patients visiting your clinic. We are saying this because nowadays, almost 97% of the customers are searching for local businesses. And when they are looking for a dentist, their only trusted source is Google.  

So, it is not only about finding the best solutions for customers but also about finding those solutions within their reach. This is why more than 72% of the customers looking for local businesses visit a store located within 5 miles of them. Even Google knows about this trend in local search, and therefore, they always try to show the most local results. 

Beating the competition with local SEO 

The competition in the dentistry field is increasing at a breakneck pace, and you must ensure you are setting yourself apart and becoming more accessible to people searching for dentist services online. 

So, if you want to beat the competition and secure more patients, you should use all the strategies necessary to rank well on Google for local searches. This is one of the best local SEO solutions any dentist can have. 

Many dentists will focus on the general keywords while missing the point that they need to rank in the local searches, not in the global searches. This is where you can gain a competitive advantage by using one of the best local SEO solutions available in the market in the form of local SEO. 

You don’t have to deal with global competition. 

The best thing about local SEO is you only have to compete with local players, and thus the level of competition is not as high as in the case of the global market. This also makes it easier for your dental website to rank on the 1st page by targeting appropriate keywords like ‘dentists near me.’

Finding the best local SEO solutions and then incorporating them in digital strategy has become a necessity for all the dentists since most customers will be from the local area in case of dental practices. So, instead of becoming a global player with your dental clinic, you should always begin with local SEO and get the best results. 

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