Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and rocket company Blue Origin, have been in a space race since Musk established his space exploration company, SpaceX, in 2002.

That race may have become a little tighter this week after Bezos announced he plans to step down from Amazon’s top job and serve as executive chairman in order to spend more time on other “passions,” such as his rocket company.

While it’s not certain that Musk may be looking to shift more of his own time to SpaceX to stay ahead of Blue Origin, pulling back from Tesla could be problematic, considering the numerous challenges and potential setbacks the California-based automaker is currently facing.

For one thing, under pressure from federal safety regulators, Tesla agreed this week to recall almost 135,000 electric sedans and SUVs due to a defective touchscreen that could make it difficult for drivers to

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kompanyan Austria-based regtech, announced on Tuesday it has launched its newest anti-money laundering compliance solution that is designed to ease ultimate beneficial ownership (UBO) discovery for regulated entities across the world. According to kompany, UBO Discovery applies artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze unstructured shareholder data with a “confidence” level that exceeding human comprehension.

With a longstanding history of making the traditionally inaccessible, accessible, kompany has developed its latest product to simplify the search and discovery process of shareholders through its application of their category-leading artificial intelligence engine.”

While sharing more details about the solution, kompany CEO and Co-Founder Russell E. Perry, stated:

“Shareholder information mainly consists of unstructured data, often hidden in PDFs, with little to no consistency in how it’s collected, recorded or stored.”

kompany further revealed UBO discovery is also available via API, allowing it to scale according to the client’s requirements and transforms the

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