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Are you learning the R programming language? Do you want to learn how to do more tasks with R? Check out our Do More With R video tutorials below — most with associated text articles and code, and almost all shorter than 10 minutes.

In the table below, you can easily search all the tutorials by task, general topic, and specific R packages.

Available categories: big data, collaboration, dataviz, data analysis, data export, data import, data wrangling, ggplot, GIS, Microsoft, programming, RStudio, and vscode.

Some examples:

ggplot and other R data visualizations

Do you need to make static plots with R? Interactive graphs? Animations? Search below for terms such as ggplot, dataviz, and color. You’ll get results such as Add color to ggplot2 visualization with the ggtext package, How to create interactive visualizations and linked interactive graphics with ggiraph and How to use built-in R colors and external palettes

If you’re working with geospatial tools, there are several tutorials on GIS with R including Astonishingly easy mapping with the mapview package.


See how to get more out of Microsoft Office by pairing it with R, including how to generate PowerPoint slides from R or send Outlook email from R.

Data wrangling

Learn how to merge data in R 3 ways: base R, dplyr, and data.tableand never forget syntax to pivot wider and pivot longer.

If you’re a tidyverse user, there’s plenty here on tidyr and dplyr. And if you’re looking for new ways to boost data wrangling and analysis performance, check out Intro to the data.table package, the ultimate R data.table cheat sheet, and other data.table tutorials.

There are plenty more R tutorials in the table below.

Search Do More With R by task, package, or category

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