OpenDendrometer Can Measure How Your Tree Feels


There are many ways to measure plant wellness, and we’ve found lots of assignments developing open-supply remedies. 1 we have not witnessed is a dendrometer, which involves measuring several bodily proportions of trees to monitor their overall health and expansion. [John Opsahl] is shifting this with the OpenDendrometer, a software for tracking the diameter of tree limbs and fruit.

Small variations in diameter choose place all over the day, and monitoring these changes will allow deviations to be detected, which can be a indication of water worry. About months and months, these measurements can be used to evaluate growth and fruits’ progress to harvest. [John] identified that a digital tire tread depth gauge can perform effectively for this application. Numerous of these gauges use the similar electronics as the inexpensive electronic calipers, for which the serial protocol was reverse engineered more than a 10 years ago. The OpenDendrometer connects the tire depth gauge to a microcontroller by using a 1.5V amount shifter, which logs measurements to an SD card whilst working with a DS3231 RTC for accurate timestamps. The RTC can also be applied to wake up the circuit at the necessary intervals to help you save battery electric power. For the original evidence of thought [John] is utilizing an Arduino Pro Mini, but plans to go to an ESP32 at a afterwards phase to make it possible for wi-fi details transmission.

Every little thing will be housed in a 3D printed enclosure with a foam wire gasket to make the unit weather conditions resistant. A mounting rod on the outdoors of the enclosure with adjustable thumbscrews will allow the OpenDendrometer to be attached to any part of the tree. We prepare to maintain an eye on this challenge and glance forward to seeing the information it makes.

For the other strategies of measuring plant health, we’ve protected all the things from soil dampness to Normalized Difference Vegetation Index and even plant pounds and even pot plant bodyweight.


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