Facebook Marketing as a Link Building Strategy

Social Media Marketing for Link Building: Top Tactics & Strategies


Facebook is undoubtedly one of the fast growing social media platforms which has 2.6 billion monthly active users. It is a social ground for many things which include fun, entertainment, connectivity, interactions, news, business, new customer acquisition, lead generation, sales promotions and ads. In recent times,Facebook is increasingly being used as a marketplace. So, there is no dearth of audience and activities on Facebook day in and day out.


There are numerous features in Facebook that help in business promotion and help you achieve your Link Building objectives. Facebook offers several options and opportunities to promote Link Building and to achieve your goals website traffic, Call-To-ActionS (CTAs), brand interactions, post engagements, link clicks, comments, likes, video links, content shares, lead generation, content downloads and many such things. To view our backlink building service, USA and packages, click https://perfectlinkbuilding.com/us/packages/link-building-packages/.


Features in Facebook for Marketing


Facebook features are innumerable and we’ll discuss the prominent ones that have relevance and usefulness for Link Building activities.




In this area, you can post text, pictures and videos either singly or in combination, and reach your content to general or specific audiences like followers, group followers and open audiences. 


Facebook Page


In the Facebook Page section, you can create your own Brand Page and aggregate audiences to your Brand Page where they can be exposed to your brand content,  event updates and activities. By giving relevant links to your web pages, website or blog pages, you will be able to generate regular and consistent traffic to those pages and effectively contribute to your Link Building efforts. To write to us or to buy our Link Building services here, see https://perfectlinkbuilding.com/us/packages/link-building-packages/.


Facebook groups


You can create Facebook groups for various social activities which includes Corporate Social Responsibility CSR activities, community activities, awareness campaigns, forum discussions, ecological or green initiatives, collectibles, specific topics, guest lectures, seminars, intelligentsia, special thoughts, think tank, etc.


Facebook Ads


In Facebook Ads, you have three categories: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. In each of these categories, you have various objectives to set your campaigns for according to your specific marketing goals such as Awareness, Reach, Website Traffic, App Installs, Store Visits, Get Calls, Lead Generation, Video Views, etc. 


Facebook Marketplace


You can sell your products by listing them in the relevant categories with their titles, price, description, location, etc. You have the ability to boost the marketplace listing through paid promotion and increase its targeting potential, reach more people and increase your sales. 


Facebook Watch


This is Facebook’s Video promotion section where you can post lLong Videos of typically 3 minutes & Short Videos of ideally 15 seconds which are primarily for Ads.

As videos continue to perform for a long term and with your ability to reach both Followers and Non-followers with links to your website or blog, video marketing will be very effective for Link Building promotion.




Through the Events feature you can create and promote an upcoming online or in person/offline event in advance by giving the details of the event and putting links to your registration page. You can also invite your contacts from your Followers or various Facebook groups that you are part of. You can increase the reach of event news by sharing the event link through Facebook News Feed, Groups and also on your Brand Pages. You can improve reach and interaction, you can write the description of the event and encourage users to enroll through the registration page link. 


Effectiveness of Facebook 



Facebook is used by individuals, brands and companies. So, if you are looking to reach B2C or B2B, Facebook is an ideal place for posting your content and getting links for your website because of the buzz, searches and streaming posts in the feed. People come to Facebook for several reasons with limitless expectations. Hence, the rightly promoted content either through free methods or paid forms of promotion will get you the required traction.


Facebook Marketing as a Link Building Tool


Facebook can be used to promote your links in multiple ways. Starting with your Facebook profile, homepage newsfeed, groups, marketplace, events, video section, and on all the areas. You have ample opportunities for promoting your links and get link clicks from target audience, target followers and open audience using creative content, using right targeting tools and other fitting features. 


Reaching Numbers & Results


When it comes to free posts, your content quality determines the number of interactions. If you follow the do’s and don’ts correctly, you will be able to reach numerous audiences and get interactions to your posts in the form of shares, comments, likes and ad responses. Using the audience targeting and budgeting options, you can increase your post and ad reach by setting your targeting and budgeting effectively to target filtered audience and more audience. You can use the audience targeting filters to pinpoint to the preferred audiences so that your ad message will reach the right audience in expected numbers. However, you have to bear in mind that the quality of your ad content determines the level of conversions and better outreach.




Facebook Marketing can be used as a great marketing tool not only to produce numbers but also to reach huge audiences in a short time. You can promote multiple goals and objectives in your Link Building strategy using events, videos, text posts,.infographics, marketplace, links, pages, groups, and all available Facebook features. With better targeting options and great content posts with a great deal of planning and execution, you can achieve your strategic goals and objectives and make your Link Building process successful.


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