Effective Security Strategies To Protect Your Reseller Hosting Business?

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Reseller Hosting is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to start your own web hosting venture and sell hosting plans and services to your clients at a competitive rate. The best part about this website hosting solution is that you are not expected to possess high server knowledge or manage your Hosting Server—as the web hosting company does it for you. 

All you have to do is purchase hosting plans for a reliable and suitable hosting company and create your Reseller Hosting Account that facilitates creating customized packages and handling payments and invoices. 

But, one thing, you as a Hosting Reseller are responsible for ensuring utmost security of your Web Hosting Reseller Business to protect your and your client’s data and reputation. 

Cyber security attacks and online threats are increasingly growing. If your business website gets compromised—it significantly affects its performance, uptime, and user experience. 

This article will take you through some effective strategies to protect your hosting business to ensure maximum uptime and business continuity. 

4 ways to protect your Reseller Hosting business

Although your parent hosting company manages and offers security as a service with your Reseller Account, ensuring more security is always a plus point to stay ahead of online threats. 

Here are four strategies to ensure utmost Reseller Hosting business security. 

  1. Offer CDN with your hosting packages 

Malicious codes or bots can get through your client’s server from anywhere, and one common pathway is server requests. Every time the server receives a request, there are high chances of the request being malicious and causing havoc within your server. 

This is where CDNs play a huge role. A Content Delivery Network (CDN) reduces the number of server requests—thus minimizing the risks of attacks on your server. Multiple CDNs are located globally that store your website’s replica to serve content to the user’s content closest to them. So, when the request load is distributed—it offloads the total requests on a single server—protecting your and your client’s server.

  1. Offer SSL Certificates to all your clients 

An SSL Certificate is more than a necessity today that ensures security and boosts the business’s credibility and SEO performance.

It’s the best way to ensure data security, as it encrypts the data and communication between your client’s server and the user’s browser—protecting critical and sensitive business and customer data from hackers and attackers. 

Moreover, your client’s website also gets the HTTPS protocol and a padlock icon—that boosts search engine rankings and improves customer trust and loyalty. 

Thus, offering SSL Certificates with your Hosting Reseller plans to your clients can be a game-changer. 

  1. Keep your software up-to-date 

Updating your CMS, plugins, Operating System (OS), and database reduces the risks of security breaches. Outdated software is vulnerable points that give easy access to hackers to your server. 

So, ignoring these updates or pushing them forward can cost your business big time. 

  1. Ensure regular security scanning 

Regular or daily scanning allows you to scan and detect security loopholes and vulnerabilities in advance so you can fix them before online attackers misuse them. 

You can offer several security scanning solutions to your clients and ensure advanced security with your Windows or Linux Reseller Hosting plans. 


Ensuring maximum business and website security is the need of the hour as hackers are constantly using advanced technologies to compromise websites and servers. 

Thus, implement these strategies mentioned above to establish yourself as the best Hosting Reseller and ensure maximum security of your Reseller Hosting Business. 

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