Computer Science professor develops cybersecurity research program


Dr. Brad Glisson, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Louisiana Tech University, has developed the Cybersecurity Information Technology Exploration (CITE) research group to provide a venue for students, academics, and industry professionals from various disciplines to share their experiences in cybersecurity.

The group collaborates with other National Centers for Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity and hosts weekly talks on cybersecurity and computer science topics and resulting research throughout the academic year and provides a venue for participants from different stages in their careers to present current research activities, brainstorm future research activities, and solve real-world problems.

Over this Spring Quarter, the research group has held talks on the effects of residual data in society, ransomware on the Oculus, field-programmable gate arrays, data breaches in financial institutions, and mobile application exploitation with advertisement spoofing.

CITE will hold two more presentations this spring. On May 16,Daniel Miller, Systems Specialist at the University of South Alabama, will present “Toward Digital Forensics for 3D Printers,” and on May 23, Dr. George Grispos, Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, will present “Towards a Security Testbed for Agriculture Vehicles and Environments.”

Both presentations will be held from 12:30-1:30 p.m. in the Integrated Engineering and Science Building 216.

After a brief hiatus over the summer, talks will start again in the fall. To learn more about CITE, contact Glisson.




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