Building A Serial Bus To Save An Old Hard Drive


Common Serial Bus has been the de facto conventional for sending info to and from personal computer peripherals for practically two a long time, but inspite of the term “universal” in the title this was not often the scenario. A good deal of competing specifications, together with USB, existed in the computing entire world in the decades in advance of it came to dominance, and if you’re seeking to get well info from a personal computer devoid of USB you may have to get artistic with how it’s accomplished.

[Ben] recently came across a 80486 with this trouble, so he had to get inventive to recover the contents of the generate. He calls it the “lunchbox” personal computer thanks to its kind aspect, and although it doesn’t have USB it does have a attempted-and-reliable serial port to converse with other pcs. [Ben] wrote up a piece of software package for equally the obtaining laptop or computer and the sending personal computer in get to copy the generate sectors one by one throughout a serial hyperlink to a standalone computer system running Home windows XP, and was equipped to recover the contents of the generate that way in its place.

All of the code [Ben] wrote is accessible on his GitHub web site for anyone seeking to boot up a 30-year-aged computer system all over again. Though it might seem unheard of, personal computers of this classic are however close to functioning matters like CNC equipment or aged mainframes.


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