Advantages of Wavemaker Rapid Application Development RAD Model

To enhance the development process, RAD employs automated tools and procedures. To stabilize the process, the Wavemaker Rapid Application development RAD model uses automated design and coding rather than relying on a person’s manual design and coding abilities.

Additionally, RAD is more effective than other conventional approaches since it produces less error and provides the software more quickly. It makes use of code generators, physical and technological resources, and Computer-Assisted Software Development (CASE) tools and procedures.

Why use the RAD Model?

The following processes are typically included in conventional project management lifecycles (such as the waterfall model): requirements collection and analysis; design; coding; testing; and maintenance.

The only coding process begins once the requirements are set in stone, and the testing process begins once the coding is finished. The consumer must endure a considerable wait upon seeing the finished item. The business requirements of the customer may have changed by the time the product is built.

The spiral model and the RAD model listed in all other models were suggested as potential strategies to deal with these difficulties.

The RAD model, in comparison, begins by obtaining and examining user needs. The solution’s design and creation of a prototype are carried out in the following steps. The user experts are then sent this prototype.

Following their testing, these users will examine the prototype and, if necessary, suggest adjustments. The cycle is performed once more until the intended result is obtained.

Advantages of RAD Model

•        Do you know which is a suitable platform for all business users? Well! High speed is one of the RAD model’s primary benefits. The RAD model’s use of CASE technologies to automate key RAD lifecycle stages makes for speedy product delivery.

•        RAD regularly involves users in every stage of the product lifecycle, ensuring excellent quality.

•        Because the RAD model is adaptable for change, it is simpler for users to offer improvements and for the SWAT team to implement them into the code.

•        The RAD process employs competent and effective personnel, resulting in timely deliveries and high-quality goods.

Final Verdict:

Because the Wavemaker Rapid Application development RAD model places a strong emphasis on developing prototypes, these prototypes can be used for almost the same project or for a different one.

Before the final product is released, both users and programmers can examine the prototype with the assistance of a special team called the “User Review Board.”

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