7 Must-Have Features for Every NGO Website

Your non-profit website needs to stand out from the rest of your competitors. Non-profits operate on a thin budget. Therefore, most companies don’t focus on their web quality. But an effectively designed NGO website has the power to generate donations, engage supporters and provide awareness for any cause.

In the era of technology, running a poorly developed website for your NGO won’t rally anymore. In fact, people access your website through mobile devices these days rather than desktops. You need to have a user-responsive site for that. As a non-profit, your website solely depends upon donations. Therefore, it is significant to have a well-tuned website to make strong visibility online.

Fact: Over 80% of internet users own a smartphone

One thing is obvious; the most successful non-profit websites have visually appealing features. In fact, getting such is not at all a big deal. You can contact a professional Website Design Company and change the outlook of your site at any time.

So, here’s what your website needs to have


Simplicity is essential for a great impression. If your visitors find it interesting to skim through the pages, they’re more likely to stick and absorb the information presented. The best layout to go for is the F-Layout. People read from left to right, and sites that follow this pattern make the reader swiftly stick with it. 


You must have seen how the world’s most recognizable brand McDonald has used its logo to tell about its brand. In fact, most people recognize it. A great logo helps your brand and puts a positive impact on your customer’s mindset. An easy way to incorporate your logo is to have a standardized header. If you need to update it, keep in mind the actual purpose.

Join or Donate Button

When people visit your website, and if they find it complex to donate or join, they might want to skip in fractions of seconds. In fact, most of the time, the news that you put or upcoming events that you announce on the website might slip away from their mind. Generally, an organization chooses to have it at the top or bottom of the page; however, Website Design Company in Kolkata, India, recommends going for an extra page for donations. 

Fact: 54% of donors prefer donating online via debit/credit cards

Crisp Call-to-Action

When a visitor visits your site, they might be a little bit confused since a lot of information will be popping out. When you lay crisp CTA, you guide the visitor to what they should do the next. If There’s online fundraising, you’re CTA should focus on donations. CTAs work best when combined with images and photos.

Concise Content

You may come across visitors who want explicit content on what you’re up to. In fact, having streamlined content provides you with information quick and straightforward. Additionally, you don’t have time to go through complex sentences. A simple trick Web Design Company run is by creating urgency. Phrases like “Act Now” or “Limited Time” can let you entice the reader to sign up for your events. 

Did you know?

Two-third of people would read something beautiful than something bland!

Excellent Quality Images

Your image is as powerful as your content in order to bring visitors. On the other side, blurry pictures and pixelated logos are a big No. In fact, all the hard work done by your SEO Company will be wasteful, dropping your ranking online. In contrast, you can immediately draw the attention of customers with crisp graphics and high-resolution images.

Welcoming Design

When you purchase a cloth, what’s the first thing, do you look for? Of course, colours! Same thing with your visitors. Over 94% of visitors will form an impression based on the visuals of a site. When working on the visuals, hire the bestweb development company. Create an enticing colour scheme. Remember, clashing palettes will only drive viewers away, and lack of colour makes the site dull.

Fact: Over 57% of users won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site.


If your website is the best, you can outshine and generate more buzz about the mission. Your design process needs not be complicated. What you need to do is simply implement the best practices as trending in the market. When you’re armed with some of the best website builders, your team can help you develop a beautiful and content-rich site.

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