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In post-Roe America, Google searches and location records can be evidence of a crime. Here are four ways Google should protect civil rights in its products now.

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We the users want Google to delete our data. Our rights depend on it.

This is a moment I’ve long worried would arrive. The way tens of millions of Americans use everyday Google products has suddenly become dangerous. Following the Supreme Court decision to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling, anything Google knows about you could be acquired by police in states where abortion is now illegal. A search for “Plan B,” a ping to Google Maps at an abortion clinic or even a message you send about taking a pregnancy test could all

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In San Francisco on Feb. 27, 1989, Intel Corp., Santa Clara, Calif., startled the world of high technology by presenting the first ever 1-million-transistor microprocessor, which was also the company’s first such chip to use a reduced instruction set.

The number of transistors alone marks a huge leap upward: Intel’s previous microprocessor, the 80386, has only 275,000 of them. But this long-deferred move into the booming market in reduced-instruction-set computing (RISC) was more of a shock, in part because it broke with Intel’s tradition of compatibility with earlier processors—and not least because after three well-guarded years in development the chip came as a complete surprise. Now designated the i860, it entered development in 1986 about the same time as the 80486, the yet-to-be-introduced successor to Intel’s highly regarded 80286 and 80386. The two chips have about the same area and use the same 1-micrometer CMOS technology then under … Read More


As so a lot of enterprises confidently add an “s” to their “year” of practical experience in cloud computing, some regular IT architecture concepts are starting to pop back up. These ideas can make or split a cloud deployment, but they are mainly neglected by those who design and style, establish, and deploy today’s cloud computing units. How did this transpire?

Two elements: Initially, several architecture certification classes from specific cloud suppliers go away out a great deal of generalized, basic architecture schooling. 2nd, numerous contemporary tools clear away the need to have to think as a result of the information that surround a cloud architecture alternative.

All cloud architects have to have to completely understand main IT architectural principles to generate the most optimized cloud computing architecture, be it one or multicloud. Listed here are the prime 3 neglected principles:

Abstraction. This concept normally takes extremely intricate factors,

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Welcome to the Vanadium miners news. June saw generally flat vanadium prices and a slower month of vanadium news.

Vanadium uses

Vanadium is traditionally used to harden steel. New Chinese rebar standards are requiring more vanadium. Also Vanadium Flow Batteries [VRFBs] are becoming increasingly popular especially for commercial energy storage, most notably in China. Vanadium Pentoxide [V2O5] is used in VRFBs and Ferrovanadium [FeV] is used in the steel industry.

Vanadium spot price history

Europe Vanadium Pentoxide [V2O5] Flake 98% 1 year chart – Price = USD 9.50/lb (China price not given)

Europe Vanadium Pentoxide [V2O5] Flake 98% 1 year chart


China and Europe Ferrovanadium [FeV] 80% prices – China = USD 39.00/kg, Europe = USD 36.25/kg

China and Europe Ferrovanadium [FeV] 80% prices


Vanadium demand versus supply

An April 2021 Wood Mackenzie report stated:

Global energy storage deployment surged a remarkable 62% in 2020, with 5 GW/9 GWh of new capacity added. This brought the total

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