Using Apple’s Mail app on a Mac? You may be losing gigabytes of space from attachments that you could be putting to better use. Here’s what you can do about it.

First, Check How Much Space Mail is Using

By default, the Mail app wants to cache every single email and attachment you’ve ever received offline. This could take up tens of gigabytes of space if you have a lot of emails. On a Mac with a large hard drive, this isn’t a big deal. But on a MacBook with a 128 GB SSD, this can be a significant waste of space.

To see how much space you might be wasting on email attachments, you’ll need to check the source. Each user account on your Mac has a Mail directory in their Library folder—that’s ~/Library/Mail , or /Users/[NAME]/Library/Mail . This is where the Mail app stores its data for each

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If the aftermath of the horrific mass shooting three years ago in New Zealand gives any indication, social media may be haunted for years by graphic video of Saturday’s attack on a grocery store in Buffalo, New York.

In March 2019, a gunman in Christchurch, New Zealand, killed 51 people at two mosques and livestreamed it on Facebook. To this day, major social media platforms and tech companies are still fighting off attempts to upload and share slightly altered versions of the shooter’s video, according to the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, a tech industry group that pushes back against violent extremist online content to ultimately reduce the spread of extremism. 

There’s plenty of work left to do. 

The attack in Buffalo, which killed 10 people, was livestreamed on Twitch. President Joe Biden has called it an act of terrorism and white supremacy. The attack, which targeted Black people,

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Elon Musk mentioned as twitter reply that he might reduce the price of $44 billion that he bid for Twitter Inc because of the total number of fake accounts. He suspects that the total number of fake accounts and bots is about 20 percent of the total user base.

When asked whether the Twitter deal will ever go through? He said that he is not getting a proper response from Twitter regarding Fake accounts and that he is being blindsided saying that its a complex algorithm that no one else would understand.

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He also added, “You can’t pay the same price for something that is much worse than they claimed” which is reasonable to be honest.

From his interview and thoughts, it seems like he is there to clean the house when it comes to bad influences, bots,

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