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The 3 Local SEO Strategies Your Small Business Needs - The Next Scoop

If you own a business that acquires customers from search engines, you want to be aware of SEO. If you own a business that acquires customers from search engines and they include a location when they search, then you really want to know about local SEO. 

Now SEO isn’t for everyone and so you may want to get the help of an SEO agency, but there’s still a lot you can do to improve your local SEO without the need for an SEO expert. 

What is local SEO? 

Local SEO is a sub-category of SEO that focuses on improving the ranks of websites for search terms that contain a location. 

It means getting your site seen when someone searches for your business, products or services, but relevant to just one, specific location. Think of those ‘best Italian restaurant in [location]’ and ‘hotels near me’ searches. 

Effective local SEO will get … Read More