News Highlights: Free online program ‘Technology and the Family ‘offered Thursday for parents

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The Digital World Balancing Act: Technology and the Family ”will be presented Thursday, January 28 from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm by Early Childhood Connections and the Center for Life Experiences at USD 489.

This presentation will help parents evaluate the use of media and digital technology in their home, the pros and cons of technology, and what to control in ourselves and our children to achieve the most balanced life and development in a digital world.

The program is hosted by Holly Creamer, MS, BCBA, LBA, from Early Childhood Connections.

The presentation can be viewed live via the
Early childhood connections Facebook page or the Connections website at:

The program is open to the community and is suitable for any parent with young children.

For more information, contact Early Childhood

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  • Shares of Hyundai and Kia surged as a potential deal with Apple to build electric vehicles emerges
  • The $3.59 billion deal is expected to be finalized on Feb. 17
  • The first Apple Car will most likely be self-driving, or autonomous

Shares of South Korean automakers Kia and parent company Hyundai surged Thursday after news of a potential deal with Apple to manufacture autonomous electric cars. 

Hyundai and Kia saw their shares rise by 1.22% and 0.31%, respectively, in the Thursday morning trade after it was revealed both were close to finalizing the $3.59 billion deal with Apple to produce electric vehicles at the Kia assembly plant in Georgia. 

A South Korean news outlet said Apple and the two car manufacturers are expected to sign the deal on Feb. 17. 

The agreement comes after years of speculation about whether the game-changing tech company known for its iPhones, iWatches and

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Five international tax enforcement heads, including from the Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Investigation unit, have been meeting this week to discuss their joint initiatives for combating tax evasion.

The group of five leaders, known as the Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement, or J5 for short, represent the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Australia and the Netherlands. They have been meeting with each other on a yearly basis to discuss and work together on common tax evasion issues and challenges, but this year due to the pandemic they had to meet virtually. This year, the designated challenge they focused on involves the role of cryptocurrency and the financial technology industry in tax evasion.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have become more of a priority in recent years for the IRS and other tax authorities abroad as they seek to uncover information on the quickly growing assets. Digital currencies have been

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These trusted technology firms help local companies reach consumers, market their products and keep their business thriving.

Is Yours The Next Hawai‘i Business To Be HACKED?

Imagine seeing this message on your computer: “We have LOCKED your customer files. Pay $500 PER RECORD to get them back. You have 48 hours to pay or we DELETE them all.”

Ransomware like this, as well as cyberattacks and viruses are far too common among Hawai‘i businesses. That’s because hackers today will stop at nothing to break into your network, steal your data and wreak havoc on your business and finances. When that happens, all of your priorities shift from growing your business to saving your business.

Rest assured, your business doesn’t have to be a cyber criminal’s next prey. While very few IT companies truly understand the cybersecurity challenges your business faces, the team at HI Tech Hui does. Anne-Marie, Chuck

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