Why UNFT News is Becoming the Go-To Outlet for Web3 and Technology News


The Web3 space is a new and emerging concept in the technology industry. Despite its recent rise in popularity, the lack of sources for high-quality information about it has left many people unsure about what it entails. What does web3 mean? Who are these Metaverse guys? The explosive interest in this exciting field has been lost on mainstream news outlets who may lean toward one side of the other, trying to strike up a debate to keep their readership interested. That doesn’t stop fake news from circulating either. The more we read fear-mongering clickbait articles, the more unsure we become of what to believe when it comes to this emerging industry. That’s where UNFT News comes in.

UNFT News is a news portal committed to providing coverage for all things related to the decentralized web and the latest Web3 News. The portal is part of 4NFT Media, the largest operating NFT media company on the internet. As a web3-focused outlet, UNFT News strives to publish high-quality articles that report facts instead of sensationalizing headlines. The UNFT team remains committed solely to providing up-to-date, unbiased information that informs and keeps the readers engaged. UNFT hopes to become the largest niche media company covering technology and web3-centric topics like Web3, the metaverse, cryptocurrency, and tech.

To satisfy the public’s interest in the web3 industry, UNFT News creates rich content through its daily news coverage and professional guides on major topics. The team also curates exclusive lists featuring the best of the best in their field on different platforms. With over 250k+ followers on Instagram, 160k+ followers on Twitter, 280K+ subscribers on YouTube, and 100k+ subscribers on Telegram, UNFT news has an average of 1+ million views monthly. UNFT News leverages this audience to spread public awareness of the growth of web3 technology and its implications.

As a leading authority in this space, UNFT News’ goal is to provide accurate and unbiased information on all aspects of the burgeoning web3 industry. Through its website and social platforms, the UNFT News team listens and responds to its readers on different topics. The UNFT News website has high-quality news articles answering questions on topics like dealing with the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, women’s equity in web3, and investment tips, among others. Reporting and informing is half of what the UNFT News team hopes to do.

By the end of 2022, UNFT News hopes to have expanded its operations further. In the first phase of expansion, the team plans to raise over $10 Million to boost its expansion in the web3 space. UNFT News also plans to integrate blockchain and web3-centric features on its news portal, becoming the first-ever news outlet to do so. Another aspiration is to launch a UNFT News crypto-token, taking the value addition the team does to another level. With guidance from the first investment step, UNFT News believes its project holders and community members will be some of the most educated investors in the space.

In the meantime, UNFT News continues to grow its platforms, reaching more and more people by the day. The goal is to become the biggest and most trustworthy news outlet in the web3 space, becoming a market leader for others to emulate. With new features on the way, the UNFT News team believes it will also be the most advanced news outlet in the industry soon.


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