When Is An LED A Lamp? When It’s 50mm Wide


Call us childlike, but we certain do get a kick out of both greater-than-daily life and miniature factors, in particular when they perform as their “normal-sized” counterparts do. So you can imagine our glee when we observed [JGJMatt]’s 50mm LED lamp, which appears like a large model of something you could have wired up on your bench at any offered minute — a bent-legged LED, wired up and ready to blink.

[JGJMatt] started off by building a mold in Fusion360 to make the lens, which he then printed in PLA. However, thanks to the warmth produced by curing resin (primarily all enclosed like that), he endorses using PETG or Ab muscles as a substitute to prevent any prospective warping challenges.

This is exactly where factors get a little bit perilous. For the internals, [JGJMatt] went all out, hand forming a reflector cup out of brass pipe, and the anode and cathode plates from flat 1 mm brass stock, plated to a silvery grey end. The gentle supply by itself is a 1 W interesting white LED that sits in the reflector cup, risk-free under a layer of epoxy mixed with a little bit of yellow paint that represent the phosphor layer in a regular 5 mm white LED.

Once the innards were being all set, it was time to solid the enormous lens with them tucked properly inside of. Immediately after the resin treated, [JGJMatt] sanded absent the layer strains and airbrushed it with crystal clear lacquer to distinct up the lens and safeguard it from yellowing down the street. Then it was just a matter of bending the legs to variety a stand, and wiring it up. What an awesome way to mild up your workbench! Or any place, genuinely.

This is not the first time we have seen a big, doing work LED, though it’s likely only the 2nd a single since [Mike Szczys] noticed some in the flesh at Maker Faire: Rome way back in 2019. These are for sale on Tindie, BTW, while the shop is on holiday for the foreseeable, so you will have to make your have for now.


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