Top 6 Cities to Visit for New Year’s Eve


Whether in the heat of your home, in the crowded streets, in the restaurant or on a boat, it is the most special place to enter New Year’s Eve with your loved ones. However, some cities stand out from the others, especially with their New Year’s parties and entertainment. Istanbul is one of these cities. But we don’t recommend being car-free on New Year’s Eve.

Therefore, you can rent a car in Istanbul and reach the entertainment locations you have determined more easily. Although the list will include hundreds of different cities that will increase your enthusiasm for the New Year with its atmosphere, lighting, entertainment, and romance and will allow you to have an unforgettable New Year’s Eve, we have researched the 10 best New Year’s cities for you. If you intend to celebrate the New Year differently than every year, relax a little and save a lot of memories; Let’s examine together the best cities in Turkey and the world where you can spend New Year’s Eve.

1- Cappadocia/Nevşehir: 

When it comes to romance, Cappadocia, which is almost at the top of dozens of beautiful destinations that can be counted within the borders of Turkey, is among the favorite places of newly married couples, those who want to spend their special days in peace with their loved ones, as well as those who make New Year’s plans. Watching the balloons flying between the impressive stone buildings and the fairy chimneys covered with snow, having a pleasant dinner accompanied by Nevşehir’s famous wines, and welcoming the new year with enthusiasm are enough to get those who plan the New Year’s Eve excited even while they are planning.

If you are going to make a New Year’s plan for Cappadocia, which is busy in all seasons of the year, we recommend that you choose your hotel before the last moment. You can rent a car to explore Cappadocia and its surroundings and enjoy both your New Year’s Eve and your holiday.

2- Uludağ/Bursa: 

It is another pleasure to welcome the new year under the snow. Most of the time, as New Year’s Eve approaches, we look at the weather forecast and think that we hope it will snow. When the white flying snowflakes are added to the New Year’s enthusiasm, the view that emerges is insatiable.

Uludağ, with its world-famous ski slopes and hotels, will be a great New Year’s choice that guarantees you a white cover. We cannot guarantee that you will see snowflakes in the sky when you countdown to the New Year, but we can say that Uludağ will be a good choice for mulled wine, music and an unforgettable New Year’s Eve with your loved ones.

3- Cyprus: 

If you want to welcome the new year abroad and have fun together with different cultures, the baby homeland of Cyprus can be a good choice due to its visa-free and proximity. With its world-famous casinos and the deep blue sea, Cyprus is a vibrant country with both day and night life.

You may need to start preparations a few months early for a pleasant New Year’s plan accompanied by delicious appetizers in Cyprus, where you will feel peaceful and safe due to the similarity of our meals and the closeness of our understanding of music and entertainment. Making reservations early for Cyprus hotels, which are in high demand during the New Year’s Eve, will both reduce costs and prevent any nasty surprises you may encounter at the last moment.

4- Amsterdam: 

With its small cafes along the water canals, bicycle paths and buildings that smell of history, Amsterdam, which is a candidate to be the capital of romance and entertainment, is among the cities that welcome guests from all over the world during the New Year’s Eve. The city, which is similar to our country in terms of air temperature, has cool winds due to water channels and may require you to dress a little cautiously. After arranging your hotel or entertainment venue, we suggest you set aside a few extra days to get to know the city and have fun. You can visit the city of Rotterdam, which is about an hour away, and buy Christmas gifts for your loved ones from the big bazaar.

5- Moscow: 

New Year’s Eve entertainment in Russia is very important for all people, from seven to seventy. With the preparations, decorations and gift exchanges that started months in advance, the people of Moscow are fulfilling all the requirements of welcoming the New Year with great responsibility.

With its cold and snowy weather, its magical appearance and warm people, suitable for the Christmas concept, Moscow is a beautiful city that you can include in your New Year’s plan without thinking. Those who want to countdown with the crazy crowd in the red square and welcome the new year in a new city should take action for hotel and car reservations and flight tickets at the latest in early December.

6- Istanbul: 

The pearl of the Marmara region, the meeting point of the Asian and European continents, and Turkey’s mega city Istanbul, of course, is among the indispensable addresses of New Year’s celebrations. When you come to this mega city by air, you can rent a car from Istanbul New Airport, which is as big as Istanbul, and you can travel around the city more easily.

You can choose Istanbul hotels to countdown to a new year, enjoy the night in the crowded and illuminated streets, while enjoying the Bosphorus view, and you can evaluate alternatives such as a boat tour on the Bosphorus or a fasil. Lively and full of entertainment every month of the year, Istanbul also hosts special New Year’s Eve celebrations in its famous squares.


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