Top 4 Best Video Games of all time


Over the years some iconic video games have been made, we still play some of them to this day! Some releases are just timeless, everyone has that one video game that they just never get bored of.

Some older releases may not have the astonishing graphics that we see in modern video games, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re better. It’s no secret that a game with outstanding visuals doesn’t live up to a game with outstanding gameplay. Today we have compiled a list naming some of our favourite video games ever made.

It’s important to keep in mind that this is a subjective matter so you may not agree, but nonetheless, here are our top picks for the best video games of all time. It’s worth noting that there is no better way to play these video games than on a large TV screen, click here for TV wall mounting services.

Grand Theft Auto V

Yes, we did mention that that list was a matter of personal opinions. But you would be crazy not to include this one in your list. Grand Theft Auto V was released in 2013, the game quite literally broke the internet when it came out. Everyone was talking about it, and for a good reason!

The story mode aspect of GTA 5 was based on 3 criminals who meet each other and form a close bond over. One of the best things about this game is how you can enjoy it without even following the story! The open-world aspect of GTA 5 really allows you to do anything! Whether you’re racing your friends around Los Santos, or jumping out of planes, you really feel like you’ll never run out of things to do when playing this game.

It’s no wonder why the game still has loyal players to this day almost a decade after its release! It’s also probably good to also consider the age rating of this game, it can be pretty violent at times so if that bothers you it may be best to look for something else.

Call of duty

Now, this might not be a specific game, but it’s literally impossible to choose between the amount of iconic call of duty games we have played over the years! It’s without a doubt the most iconic first-person shooter series we have ever seen.

Call of duty has unquestionably produced some of the best video games of all time. Some fan favourites would without a doubt be the Modern Warfare series and the Black Ops series. Whichever is your personal favourite we can appreciate how fantastic they all are and how much fun we have had playing them.

Some call of duty games even have a zombie mode, which is terrifying yet addicting! Call Of Duty really does offer hours of fun, the most recent call of duty craze has got to be Warzone. Why not give it a go?


Much like Call of Duty, there have been countless FIFA releases over the years. From FIFA 94 all the way up to FIFA 22, fans don’t look like they’re getting bored of this game any time soon. Despite a lot of recent criticism towards the game for microtransactions and such, this series without a doubt has some of the best video games of all time.

When you go back and look at the older FIFA games and realise how far we have come it really makes you appreciate the game. The physics and graphics are out of this world, some people would even mistake a game of FIFA for an actual game of football!

There are many different modes to choose from, with both single-player and multiplayer experiences. One brilliant thing about FIFA that is adored by fans is how it’s regularly updated to keep up with real-world events! For example, if a player signs for a new team they will then be moved to a new team in FIFA. It’s amazing to be able to play as your favourite team and bring them all the way to glory! If you like sports games, why not give FIFA a try?


Here’s one that’s a little more child friendly, this game is a brilliant way to bring out your creative side! Minecraft is an open-world survival game that allows you to build whatever you want, much like Lego!

It’s iconic for how popular it has been with younger children over the years, although most kids that played it in its prime years are now all grown up! Although a lot of fans of this game have moved on and become interested in other things, this game will hold a special place in a lot of people’s hearts for how much time they spent on it.

This childhood classic is sure to be one of the best video games of all time considering how iconic it is.


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