T-Mobile is paying customers to swap out their Sprint SIM cards


It’s been a bit over two years since T-Mobile merged with Sprint. T-Mobile discontinued the Sprint brand four months later in August 2020, but many legacy Sprint subscribers have still yet to swap out their SIM cards. In an effort to convince those customers to make the switch, T-Mobile is offering them a $10 bill credit, as The T-Mo Report discovered.

T-Mobile will pay you to swap your Sprint SIM card

Earlier this week, a source sent The T-Mo Report a document detailing a brand new program targeting any T-Mobile customers using Sprint’s SIM cards. Starting June 30, Sprint will give “targeted Sprint biller customers” a $10 bill credit per line when they swap their SIM cards. This is a limited-time promotion, but the document doesn’t reveal an end date.

T-Mobile’s program for swapping out all the Sprint SIM cards is called the T-Mobile Network Experience. As the T-Mobile site explains, your Sprint account will stay the same. You’ll keep the same price, plan, and billing experience. The only difference is that your mobile device will now access T-Mobile’s network as its primary network.

Here’s what the T-Mobile Network Experience provides, according to T-Mobile:

  • Your device will show the T-Mobile network and you’ll get the full T-Mobile Network experience.
  • You’ll get access to T-Mobile’s free Scam Shield app, with exciting services like free Scam ID, Scam Block, and free Caller ID.
  • You even keep your current plan and billing through Sprint.

If you want to switch to the T-Mobile Network Experience, you have a few options.

The easiest is probably visiting a T-Mobile retail store, where they can help you through the process. You can also call Sprint’s customer care line at 888-211-4727 or chat with an expert on Sprint.com. If you decide to swap the SIM card yourself, log in to your Sprint profile on Sprint.com and follow the SIM Swap flow.

Whichever method you end up choosing, don’t swap out the SIM cards before contacting T-Mobile or before the SIM Swap flow instructions tell you to do so.

Finally, keep in mind that every line on your account has to switch to the T-Mobile Network Experience to qualify for the bill credits.

T-Mobile’s data collection scheme

Once you’re done swapping out your SIM card, you might want to consider opting out of T-Mobile’s new App Insights program immediately.

T-Mobile rebranded its advertising business this month, changing the ad revenue group’s name from T-Mobile Marketing Solutions to T-Mobile Advertising Solutions. The carrier also launched an app-based analytics program that allows third-party marketers to track users’ app usage data, WiFi network connections, and browsing activity.

Thankfully, opting out is relatively simple. The program only affects Android users for the time being, but you can opt out on Android and iOS.


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