Some computer security programs don’t work well together


Q: Hi Geek, I have a fairly new HP notebook with Windows 10. I use Bitdefender Antivirus Furthermore and use the VPN when I am away from house. The company sent out an advertisement about new functionality called anti-monitoring and advert blocking. Just went into the configurations and enabled them to see if they labored. When I activated the VPN, a observe popped up that claimed I had to disable Secure DNS in purchase to use those people characteristics. I’m not positive that’s a good plan. What say ye? Many thanks for all the superior work.

Curtis R., Fort Walton Seaside

Jeff Werner

Jeff Werner

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A: Hello back again to you, Curtis. I like your dilemma a ton, because you have thrown out some innovative ideas and terminology that presents me the opening to train some issues to the rest of my visitors just before answering your issue. Ideally that will give everyone a opportunity to learn.

First of all, let’s talk about the indicating of VPN. This is an acronym that stands for Digital Non-public Network. A VPN is a indicates to give you privacy, and a degree of anonymity though on the web. It utilizes finish-to-finish encryption to virtually increase the non-public portion of your computer’s community across the community internet. This effectively masks almost everything about your connection, like your site and IP address. This makes your exercise on-line pretty much untraceable.

You are intelligent to use a VPN while travelling, Curtis, mainly because community Wi-Fi in hotels and other community sites are rife with hackers ready for an chance to steal data and passwords from you. But do you realize that they offer you the exact kind of protection when you’re at residence? You might come to feel harmless at the rear of your property network’s firewall, but you can continue to benefit from having your IP handle anonymized, and all the details travelling more than your world wide web link encrypted.

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The anonymity of a VPN also will allow you to obtain functions that would in any other case be unavailable to you centered on your site, this kind of as selected Netflix libraries, and products and services accessible only in other nations around the world. If they cannot ascertain your area, they just can’t barely block you now, can they?

I think the Bitdefender item you’re inquiring about is called Anti-Tracker (“-er” and not “-ing”). I only mention that for the reason that if you do any Google searches for facts, you want to be absolutely sure that you use suitable lookup conditions. Anti-Tracker is a net browser add-on that, for every Bitdefender’s site, “will assist you raise your on the net privacy and pace up the loading time of the sites you stop by.” If differs from the VPN, which features standard anonymity of your entire online link. Then there’s Secure DNS. The latter 50 % of that term is an acronym that stands for Domain Title Server. A DNS functions like a phone e book (for those people of you who keep in mind those aged relics). It translates pleasant site names (like “”) into their actual IP addresses. This is a important phase for purposes like website browsers to be equipped to talk with web sites. But this also presents opportunities for the terrible guys. A hacker can intercept your DNS requests to monitor the sites you pay a visit to, or even worse, can redirect your net searching to sites of their own picking. In other terms, you can enter “” into your browser’s handle bar but wind up on the hacker’s web page. Having a service like Secure DNS cuts down or eliminates all those risks.

I are likely to concur with you that if you are likely to spend money into further levels of security, that one solution should really not negate the use of yet another. I could nearly fully grasp and accept this if the merchandise had been from distinctive vendors, but from the identical vendor? I essential to listen to a complete explanation of “why” right before I could accept that.

So, I searched for 1. The closest detail I observed was a site that statements to use to iOS (the Apple operating system that powers iPhones and iPads) and discusses VPN and Web Protection not enjoying properly with each other. I’m small of area to focus on it, but you can read it for your self at I ultimately came to the conclusion (improper though it may be) that the genuine purpose Anti-Tracker and Secure DNS can’t operate jointly is that at the time you have Bitdefender blocking the ability to track you, the other company loses the ability to know which pc out of the thousands and thousands on the web that the company applies to. Somewhat than apply a gap in the services that hackers could exploit, they just manufactured them mutually unique.

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