Raspberry Pi Pico Replaces PlayStation Memory Card


It’s nearly really hard to consider these times, what with modern day video game consoles packing terabytes of interior storage, but there was a time when the totality of your gaming vocation would be stored on an external memory card that held just a handful of megabytes of save info. Of class, prior to that you had to write down a sequence of random letters and quantities to decide up where you left off, but which is a story for another working day.

Although the memory card thought might be quaint to the modern gamer, its modular mother nature does present the hacker with some fascinating avenues to check out. For instance, acquire a seem at the pretty spectacular PicoMemcard challenge from [Daniele Giuliani]. Hardware sensible, it does not get a great deal easier than this. You just just take the PCB from a low-priced (or lifeless) PlayStation memory card, and solder seven jumpers to the edge connector contacts so you can plug them into the Pico. Then you have just got to add the firmware to the Pico, and you are finished.

So what do you get for your problems? Very well for a single detail, a thoroughly purposeful PlayStation memory card. But a lot more importantly, a memory card with a USB interface that makes it possible for you to backup your saved video games to the computer system.

In a natural way you can also create new help save documents to the Pico from the laptop, which opens up all varieties of possibilities. As we have included in the past, there are ongoing attempts to exploit the PlayStation’s duplicate safety technique using meticulously crafted help you save online games. The PicoMemcard will permit you to conveniently get these saves on your have console, enabling you to be a part of in on the enjoyment.

Don’t want to trash an present memory card? [Daniele] is doing the job on a custom PCB that implements a appropriate edge connector, this means you are going to no for a longer period need the sacrificial card. Whilst not at this time carried out, the board structure also consists of an SD slot, which ultimately should really make it possible for the PicoMemcard to keep even extra knowledge. If you’re nonetheless rocking the unique PlayStation following all these yrs, we’d strongly propose purchasing a Pi Pico and keeping an eye on this undertaking. We’d recommend the same for all you Recreation Boy aficionados, as well.


Many thanks to [Andrea Campanella] for the suggestion.


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