Pros and cons to owning a Smart TV


Thinking about getting yourself a smart TV? It’s best to read up on the pros and cons first to make sure it’s right for you before you spend any money. Smart TVs can offer countless benefits that are all very convenient, but they also have their downsides. Without further ado, today we have compiled a list of some of the best and worst things about owning a smart TV.

Pro – Web Browsing

Having the ability to surf the web is a brilliant addition to your TV, it’s very convenient to be able to pick up your TV and use a web browser on the big screen in comparison to your laptop or smartphone. The only downside to this way of web browsing is that sometimes navigating through websites with a TV remote can be very difficult. Sometimes things can get even more awkward considering not a lot of websites are not optimized properly for Smart televisions. Regardless of these factors it’s still a massive plus to have the option to bring up a browser on your TV screen.

Pro – Apps

There’s nothing worse than when there’s nothing good to watch on TV, luckily, if you own a smart TV this won’t be a problem for you. It’s possible to download apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Disney Plus, and Spotify. Each of these platforms is filled to the brim with countless movies, shows, and podcasts. If you’re getting bored of a regular old TV, then being able to watch whatever you want at the click of a button will be well worth it. The only downside is you’ll have to pay a subscription for some of these platforms. If you already own a subscription, then all you’ll need to do is log into your accounts and you’re ready to go!

Con – You’ll need decent Wi-Fi

In the grand scheme of things, owning a smart TV is practically pointless if you don’t have Wi-Fi. Every feature on the tv depends on access to the internet and without it then you’ve basically just got a standard TV, even if you do own Wi-Fi. But it’s not the best then your movies and shows buffer which can get very frustrating.

Con – They’re Expensive

Sure, Smart TVs provide a range of benefits, but it’s important to consider your budget. It’s no secret that you’ll probably save quite a bit of money if you decide to go with a normal TV. Despite the average cost of smart televisions going down significantly in recent times, you’ll still be spending more. You’ll be able to go for a bigger screen for a lower price if you decide to buy a regular TV. Also, a lot of the devices you own could already be sufficient for your entertainment needs. For example, if you’re thinking about buying a games console then it might not be worth your while to buy a Smart TV considering a PS5 and Xbox Series X both provide all the benefits of a smart TV and more.

Con – They can crash

Just like a PC or a smartphone, smart TVs have the possibility of crashing. With regular software updates to lower the possibility of this happening to you, it’s not very likely that your TV will crash. Although, with how expensive smart TVs can be, it’s worth noting that the intense movie ending you were waiting for all night could be interrupted by a random error. 

Pro – Good visuals

When you invest in a smart TV, you’re also paying for top-notch visuals that a lot of normal TVs can’t offer. Manufacturers tend not to make Smart TVs that don’t have quality visuals, so if you’re buying a smart TV for all its other benefits, you’re buying the best picture with it. If you’re thinking about buying a TV that provides cinema-quality detail with much more accurate colours, then owning a smart TV can offer you the experience you’re searching for. Also, the best way to enjoy your favourite shows and movies is without a doubt to have your screen mounted to the wall! for TV wall mounting facilities.

Con – Security issues

All devices that connect to the internet are prone to security problems, a smart TV is no different. If you decide to buy yourself a smart TV, you should keep in mind that you should always be aware of potential threats to your privacy and confidential data. Some good advice would be to avoid suspicious links and use more protected devices when inputting sensitive information. You shouldn’t let this factor alone shy you away from owning a smart TV, it’s just a good thing to be aware of.


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