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As we all know, the development of a country and society is inseparable from the progress of the software industry. In recent years, batches of cutting-edge talents have emerged in the field of software technology R&D. They play their advantages and specialties in their own industries and fields and make important contributions to the development of the software industry. Among them, Mr. LI Chao is one of the most outstanding industry experts. In 2004, LI Chao graduated from Jilin University, majoring in Computer Application Software, and mastered a lot of professional knowledge about software technologies during his school days. Since 2010, he has held important leadership positions in two large technology companies in Beijing. Until June last year, he founded Shanghai Lidong Technology Co., Ltd. and served as the President himself. He has occupied a leading position in the software industry. LI Chao has rich work experience and R&D experience in the software technology R&D industry. In recent years, he has been continuously conducting intelligent scientific research in software technology. He has now developed a series of original cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, including “Software Development Security Management and Control Visualization System Based on Big Data V1.0”, “A Mobile Terminal Software Development and Processing Platform Based on Cloud Computing V1.0”, “A Platform to Prevent Misuse of Hosted Data Sources Based on Blockchain Technology V1.0” and “A RISC-V Hardware and Software Security Platform Applied to Blockchain Network V1.0”.

Among them, “A RISC-V Hardware and Software Security Platform Applied to Blockchain Network V1.0” is a representative original technology among LI Chao’s many achievements, and its technical advantages are recognized as the top level in the industry. On the one hand, the blockchain provides secure, transparent and powerful data resources for software R&D. On the other hand, the instruction set RISC-V, which combines many advantages and characteristics, also plays an important role in the acceleration and improvement of software technology R&D. The combination of these two technologies has contributed to the system’s features of security, transparency, and wide adaptability, making the software technology R&D work more smoothly.

“A RISC-V Hardware and Software Security Platform Applied to Blockchain Network V1.0” is designed on the basis of the large-scale shared blockchain database. The blockchain is unforgeable, leaves marks throughout the process, can be traced, open and transparent, be of maintenance collectively and also has other characteristics, relying on a solid R&D foundation to create a reliable internal mechanism. In addition, RISC-V is an open source instruction set architecture based on the principle of reduced instruction set, which has many advantages, such as complete open source, simple architecture, and modular design. Completely open source means that enterprises can use it freely and independently, avoiding huge licensing fees, and saving a lot of economic costs for software design and development. At the same time, the technology enhances the stability while facilitating the user to call instructions, makes the software design process more secure, and has a very broad application prospect. “A RISC-V Hardware and Software Security Platform Applied to Blockchain Network V1.0” independently developed by Mr. LI Chao can effectively ensure that data calculation is traceable, and significantly enhance the security and operability of the system. It is of great help in the field of software design and development.

At present, all countries in the world attach great importance to the field of computer software development, have successively issued a series of policies for software research and development, and invested a lot of manpower and material resources. Most countries prioritize the development of basic software and computer software development methods. The development of the software industry has been placed in the first place by the Ministry of Information Industry of many countries, which is enough to show how much the world attaches great importance to the software industry.

“A RISC-V Hardware and Software Security Platform Applied to Blockchain Network V1.0” developed by Mr. LI Chao takes into account the characteristics and needs of the current system software, and can play a technical role in multiple fields simultaneously, making the system’s advantages and practicality displayed greatly. After a period of practice, it has been proved that the emergence of this system has changed the traditional software R&D model, making software R&D more efficient, convenient and low-cost. It not only promotes the intelligentization of software research and development, but also brings considerable economic benefits to practical enterprises. Mr. LI Chao has been highly praised by industry experts, scholars and peers, and his influence in the software R&D industry has been increasing.

Talking about the future, Mr. LI Chao said: “As a software technology R&D worker, I love this career and will contribute all my strength to the innovation and development of the software industry.” Mr. LI Chao’s modesty and ambition are touching. His spirit and abilities are even more admirable. We believe that under the leadership of such a talented scientific researcher as Mr. LI Chao, the software technology R&D career will surely shine on the international stage!

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