New shopping centers, apartments coming to Merced

New apartments, shopping centers and homes are being built in Merced.

Merced growing with new shopping centers, apartments & revitalization



The sounds of construction are filling the city of Merced.


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“We’ve seen over 700 new homes built last year and almost two million of new development, that’s quite a bit for the community,” said Scott McBride, development director of Merced.

Officials acknowledge the city is experiencing a building boom, even in the pandemic.

In downtown alone, there are four projects, such as the El Capitan Hotel and Bitwise building.

“If you looked at the map, it’s something happening pretty much on every corner of the city. All types, whether it be commercial, residential, multi-family, Industrial. We are seeing development across the board,” McBride said.

Near Highway 99 off Campus Parkway and Coffee, major growth is happening. The Gateway Marketplace is starting to take shape.

“We’re roughly 70 acres here. We are city approved in 2017 for 610,000 square feet of the retail pad and. Little over 400 multi-family units,” said developer Eric Pluim.

Eric Pluim grew up In Merced and had big plans for the land that once was a dairy. He’s excited to see Merced change. It will take eight to ten years to build out.

Across the street, a Hilton hotel and convention center will be built.

At the Merced Station, new housing is being built, and people will be applying soon.

New restaurants and gas stations are also coming to town.

These projects are creating a trickle-down effect on businesses and adding tax dollars to the city.

There’s more development on the way. Leaders are looking at projects to grow the city out to UC Merced.

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