NET Ecommerce Solution: Best Platforms of 2022


NET Ecommerce Solution: Best Platforms of 2022


Microsoft is dedicated to supporting online businesses in many ways. It
created the ASP.NET ecommerce solution as an open-source programming option
for ecommerce solution providers to create effective platforms in the
business. Today, many ecommerce platforms are written using this architecture
because it operates smoothly on Windows, macOS, and Linux among others.

Although vendors who use the NET ecommerce solution platforms may not know how
the programmers benefit from using the architecture, they can feel the
benefits the platforms have for them as users. Before we look at the most
successful ASP.NET ecommerce platforms of 2022, it is worth mentioning some of
the benefits they deliver to the vendors.

  • Multi-vendor capabilities – Almost all ASP.NET platforms can accommodate
    many vendors to provide them with a thriving marketplace to sell their
    goods. Each vendor is given a user account that they can use to create a
    product page and edit it whenever they want.
  • Multi-channel selling options – With a NET ecommerce solution, vendors get
    an opportunity to integrate other selling options such as social media or
    their personal websites. This gives them an opportunity to influence sales
    in their ecommerce business.
  • Headless ecommerce approach – Another benefit that comes with NET ecommerce
    platforms is the ability to separate front-end operations from back-end
    operations, which is also known as a headless ecommerce approach.
  • Secure payment solutions – Most ecommerce solution providers have praised
    Microsoft’s ASP.NET architecture for being secure. Hence, they can ensure
    secure payment solutions for the customers, which is a benefit to the
  • Easy integrations – All ASP.NET ecommerce software comes with a plethora of
    integrations. The architecture is friendly to integrations, so apart from
    those that come with the platform, there are many more.
  • Affordable solutions – Microsoft provides the architecture as an open-source
    solution. So, the programmers and ecommerce solution providers charge the
    users affordably. This is a big benefit to the vendors, especially the
    start-ups on a tight budget.

Now that you know all the benefits, it is time to look at the popular NET
ecommerce solution platforms of 2022. This will help any ecommerce investor to
make the right decisions.

NET Ecommerce Solution: Virto Commerce

If you are looking for a NET ecommerce solution with a headless approach,
cloud solutions, an active marketplace, and customizable services for both B2B
and B2C, this is the right deal for you. With an API-driven concept,
Virto Commerce has managed to lead the rest in providing an integrated
, gateways for teams and customers, and many other ecommerce solutions. It is
backed by global networks and a team of experts to help online businesses
unlock their ecommerce potential and scale up within a short time. Lastly, it
is affordable just like any other similar ecommerce platform.

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This is a big competitor to Virto Commerce and offers solutions that are
somewhat similar. It is also based on Microsoft’s NET ecommerce solution and
comes equipped with a headless solution, multi-channel selling options, cloud
options, integrations with marketplaces, and secure payment solutions. It is
suitable for small start-ups because it does not charge anything for its
solutions. NopCommerce could be what you have been looking for to launch your
small ecommerce business and take it to the next level.


Although Umbraco has limited features when compared to other similar
platforms, it is an amazing NET ecommerce solution for many businesses. It is
praised for its capability to integrate with numerous web store theme
providers, payment solution providers, and other solutions in the world of
ecommerce. Internally, this ecommerce platform offers multi-store support, a
secure payment system, a marketplace, and an inventory management solution
among others. If you are looking for an affordable ecommerce platform, look no


Unlike the first two ecommerce solutions we have mentioned, Sitecore gives a
different approach to its ecommerce solutions. It is a cloud-based NET
ecommerce solution with four parts: Sitecore Experience Commerce, Sitecore
Experience Platform, Sitecore Experience Hub, and Sitecore Experience Manager.
All of them offer a platform with amazing synergy beneficial to all sizes of
ecommerce businesses. With a drag and drop interface, you can create an
ecommerce website that will function with the help of dozens of plugins
available on the website. The available marketplaces, inventory management
solutions, and checkout procedures come in the form of pluggable solutions.

NET Ecommerce Solution: Kentico

Our last platform is Kentico, which is also an effective NET ecommerce
solution. It is an official Microsoft-certified partner with tailored features
to suit any ecommerce business. Kentico helps ecommerce businesses regardless
of the tools they are looking to use to successfully launch, run, and scale up
an ecommerce business. It offers a headless ecommerce approach, multi-channel
selling platform, and multi-vendor approach among other solutions. Most
importantly, it provides a thriving marketplace integration to sell products

Final Words

When looking for a NET ecommerce solution, a vendor should focus on those with
the benefits we have shared. Luckily, the article has also summarized five of
the popular ASP.NET ecommerce platforms of 2022 and how they function.
Generally, these platforms provide value for the money, which is why they are
the best solutions.


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