Microsoft Edge is getting integrated VPN (Secure Network) feature to protect your browsing



Microsoft is working on a new feature for its Edge browser that will allow you to protect your device and sensitive data while browsing the internet through a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network). The integrated VPN service will be called “Microsoft Edge Secure Network“, and will be powered by Cloudflare.


According to the company, Microsoft Edge Secure Network is a preview feature and will be made available to a set of insiders first as an “early access” to get their constructive feedback.


Microsoft Edge is getting integrated VPN (Secure Network) feature


VPN, Virtual Private Network, ensures that the user’s data is hidden and any third-party company can’t view their web activity. You can safely use public Wi-Fi networks without worrying about your data and web activity by using a VPN. If you’re serious about protecting your data and web activity from third-party individuals, then investing in a reliable VPN service will be your wise decision.


There are several VPN services available in the market that hides users’ information, including Web activity, IP address, devices, streaming location, etc. Some of them provide free VPN service, whereas others provide better privacy in terms of a one-time purchase or subscription.



How does Microsoft Edge Secure Network work?

Here are some key features of the Microsoft Edge Secure Network service:


Encrypts your connection

Encrypts your internet connection to help protect your data from online threats like hackers. When using Microsoft Edge Secure network, your data is routed from Edge through an encrypted tunnel to create a secure connection, even when using a non-secure URL that starts with HTTP. This makes it harder for hackers to access your browsing data on a shared public Wi-Fi network.


Helps prevent online tracking

By encrypting your web traffic directly from Microsoft Edge, we help prevent your internet service provider from collecting your browsing data like details about which websites you visit.


Keeps your location private

Online entities can use your location and IP address for profiling and sending you targeted ads. Microsoft Edge Secure Network lets you browse with a virtual IP address that masks your IP and replaces your geolocation with a similar regional address to make it more difficult for online trackers to follow you as you browse.


Is free to use

Get 1 gigabyte of free data every month when you sign into Microsoft Edge with your Microsoft Account. See below instructions to turn on your Microsoft Edge Secure Network. A Microsoft Edge sign-in is required to track free data usage and access Secure Network every month. All bandwidth data that is required to provide the Microsoft Edge Secure Network service is automatically deleted at the end of the required service window.



How to turn ON the Microsoft Edge Secure Network?

  1. Once you open your Microsoft Edge browser, navigate to three dots (…) > Secure Network.
  2. If you are not signed in to your Microsoft Account, you will be prompted to sign in or create one.
  3. The solid shield icon will appear in the browser frame; your browsing traffic is now protected by Microsoft Edge Secure Network.
  4. The feature will turn off automatically when you close Microsoft Edge. You must turn on Microsoft Edge Secure Network again for your next browsing session if you wish to use it.



Points to note about Microsoft Edge Secure Network

Microsoft Edge Secure Network is a service provided in partnership with Cloudflare. Cloudflare is committed to privacy and collects a limited amount of diagnostic and support data acting as Microsoft’s data subprocessor in order to provide the services. Cloudflare permanently deletes the diagnostic and support data collected every 25 hours.


A Microsoft account is required to access Microsoft Edge Secure Network and is retained to keep track of the amount of Microsoft Edge Secure Network data that is used each month. This data retention is necessary to provide 1GB of free Microsoft Edge Secure Network service and to indicate when the data limit has been reached.


Signing into Microsoft Edge with a Microsoft account will also turn on sync. With Sync your browsing data is available across all signed-in versions of Microsoft Edge. You can sync your browsing history, favorites, settings, form-fill data including addresses and more, passwords, extensions, open tabs, and collections. Each synced data type may be turned on or off individually.




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