Marketing research firm to further tap online, social media sectors


Miaozhen Systems, a Beijing-based marketing research company. [Photo/Miaozhen Systems website]

Miaozhen Systems, a Beijing-based marketing research company, is going to further explore the opportunities in the online advertising and social media marketing sectors by upgrading two business lines.

“We plan to focus more on providing a package of services to boost marketing effectiveness,” said Tan Beiping, dean of Miaozhen Academy of Marketing Science.

The company just upgraded two relevant business lines “Media Studio” and “Social Studio”, aiming to strengthen its commitments to marketing science and AI-based marketing solutions.

“In the past 16 years, we’ve been serving more than 1,000 leading enterprises in their industries. And we noticed that the evaluation and improvement of marketing ROI (return on investment) is the major challenge facing those enterprises’ marketing sector,” said Zhao Jie, chief customer officer of Mininglamp Technology, the parent company of Miaozhen Systems. “With the upgrading, we hope to fuel the further development of customers’ business.”

Bridging the gap between production and consumption, marketing is a major driver for business development based on digital and intelligent technologies. As a marketing management company, Miaozhen’s Systems can cover customer touch-points and provide overall assessments for enterprises to improve their marketing effectiveness.

According to the “2022 China Digital Marketing Trend Report” released by the company, the total marketing expenses of enterprises have increased, and enterprises’ average marketing budget is expected to grow at 19 percent year-on-year in 2022.

Chinese companies are going to usher in a “golden decade” of growth powered by digital and intelligent technologies, said Tan.

And China will embrace stronger momentum to become the largest consumption market with millions of digital consumers and new brands in the long run, said Tan.

Kaifusai Julaiti contributed to this story


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