How to remove a device from your Netflix Account?


Netflix is a platform for entertainment that offers exceptional security features. It allows you to manage your account according to your own preferences. One of the great features offered is to add and remove the list of devices registered to your account. You can view the devices linked to the account and find if there are any unauthorized ones. You can follow a few simple steps to remove the devices that you no longer use. 

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How to remove a device from your Netflix Account

The process of finding the list of devices is very quick and easy. But it is important that you sign in to your Netflix account through any web browser. This feature is not available through the mobile app. 

Steps to remove a device from Netflix

The steps to remove a device from Netflix is as follows:

Step 1: Open the Netflix website on a web browser. In the Sign in option, give your user name and password to sign in to your account as shown below. 

Step 2: There is a profile icon on the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click on it and in the drop down menu choose the option Account as shown here. This will eventually take you to the settings page.

Step 3: In the page that opened right now, scroll down all the options to reach the Settings option. Under the Settings section, tap on the Manage Download Devices option as like in the screenshot below.

Manage Download Device

Step 4: From the list of devices shown in the screen, choose the one from which you want to remove your Netflix Account.  Tap on Remove Device as shown below in the screenshot.

Choose Remove Device

Step 5: Then click on the option Remove device as shown below. Once its done you will get an alert message saying “This device has been removed. Downloads on this device will no longer be available“.


Step 6: This will remove the Netflix account from the chosen device. A confirmation message will be sent on the screen in green colour. This proves that the action has been done. The provision to download and the previously downloaded data will be removed. You can undo this action by re-adding the account to the device.

It is important for all the consumers to be aware that Netflix provides the service of downloading only to two devices from the same account simultaneously. Hence since you removed a device from your Netflix account, you can download on new devices immediately. In case if you are facing any issue in streaming, you can fix with these easy hacks.

The two devices limit might vary from plan to plan because of how its devised in your country. So, you might want to check the Netflix pricing page before you jump into removing devices.


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