How To Migrate From Shared To VPS Hosting With a cPanel?

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In the world of domain and hosting, there comes a time when the limitations of Shared Hosting become the hurdle to your website growth. Or you might start facing the issues of downtime, slow loading times, poor performance and more, which will negatively hamper the user experience, conversion rates, revenue and overall business goodwill. 

But when you start facing these issues, you must consider a reliable or cheap VPS Hosting in India with cPanel. It will help you combat the limitations of Shared Hosting and significantly improve your website’s performance and flexibility. 

So here in this article, we will learn the step-by-step migration process from Shared to VPS Hosting using cPanel.

Step-by-Step Migration Process

Here are the steps to transition from Shared Hosting to VPS Hosting with cPanel;

  1. Find a Reliable VPS Hosting Provider

First, choose a reliable VPS Hosting provider that supports cPanel integration. Look for essential features, benefits and the VPS Server price in India. Once satisfied, sign up for the best VPS Hosting plan based on your website’s needs.

  1. Backup Your Website

Before making any changes, creating a backup of your website, including files, databases, emails and configurations, is essential. However, most hosting providers offer tools within cPanel for this purpose.

  1. Set Up Your VPS

Once you’ve signed up for VPS Hosting, you’ll receive login credentials and access to your VPS from your provider. Depending on how your provider has set it up, you can access your VPS through SSH (Secure Shell) or a control panel.

  1. Install cPanel on Your VPS

If your chosen VPS Hosting plan doesn’t come with installed cPanel software, you can manually install it. However, many hosting providers also offer one-click installations for cPanel. Just follow the instructions they provide to set up cPanel on your VPS.

  1. Transfer Your Website

Now, let’s proceed with moving your website from Shared Hosting to your VPS;

  1. Moving Files: Connect to your Shared Hosting account using an FTP client like FileZilla to download all the files related to your website. Then, upload them to your VPS server using the FTP client.
  2. Migrating Databases: Export the databases associated with your website from your hosting using tools like phpMyAdmin. Then, utilise cPanels database management tools and import these databases into your VPS server. 
  3. Update DNS Configuration

Update your domain’s DNS (Domain Name System) settings to point to your new VPS Hosting. It generally involves changing the nameservers associated with your domain to the ones provided by your VPS Hosting provider.

  1. Test Your Website 

Before you cancel your Shared Hosting account, testing your website on the VPS is crucial to ensure everything functions smoothly. Thus, ensure no broken links, missing files or database errors exist.

  1. Cancel Your Shared Hosting Account

You can cancel your Shared Hosting account once you’re confident your website runs flawlessly on your VPS. However, don’t forget to back up any remaining data from the Shared Hosting account before cancellation.

  1. Monitor and Optimise Continuously

It’s essential to keep an eye on the performance and security of your VPS. Thus, continuously optimise your server settings and configurations for optimal website performance.


Transitioning from Shared to VPS Hosting using cPanel is an excellent move towards improving your website’s control and performance. 

By following these steps, you can seamlessly migrate to VPS Hosting while minimising any downtime and ensuring success for your online business or website. 

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