Co2Zero is using cloud technology to drive individual low-carbon action through technology on a global scale.


Singapore – May 24th, 2022 – Co2Zero has leveraged Alibaba Clouds technology to promote individual low-carbon actions through science and technology. Through the technical features of blockchain such as decentralization, tamper-proof, and traceability, Co2Zero supports the trusted record of the whole life cycle of the carbon footprint and the trusted circulation of all elements of carbon emissions.

In recent years we humans are profoundly aware that climate change is a security issue related to the survival and sustainable development of the whole ecosystem. According to the authoritative survey data of many international organizations, the carbon emissions of each person in human society are about 5-12 tons a year, and there are billions of people around the world, which is a huge data and carbon emission burden.

To cope with climate change, global high-tech firms pioneer in the road of high-quality development and adhere to green, low-carbon and circular development. Under the cooperation from both sides, Alibaba Cloud provides technical support for Co2Zero’s products, and assists Co2Zero through low-carbon behavior algorithms, carbon reduction methodologies, artificial intelligence, online calculation among other cloud-native technologies.

Co2Zero is further strengthening the advocacy of climate communication and individual participation, establishing and improving the mechanism of carbon neutrality for individuals, accelerating low-carbon awareness into practical action, vigorously promoting individual low-carbon habits, and advocating low carbon consumption, the green low-carbon life new trend of the whole society. According to a recent research report released by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the carbon emissions generated by household consumption account for 53% of the total social carbon emissions, and the carbon emissions generated by cars account for more than 80% of the carbon emissions in the transport sector, which is a huge scene. Co2Zero has leveraged Alibaba Clouds technology and expertise in the field of low carbon, help individual carbon-neutral market, the first scenario chosen is the carbon reduction of new energy vehicles. In the scenario of new energy vehicles, how to scientifically and effectively track carbon emission reduction information, and carbon emission reduction conversion accounting to finally form an effective carbon emission reduction asset.

In the concept of encouraging individuals to participate in carbon neutrality, Co2Zero obtains different equity incentives through low-carbon behavior in daily life and new energy vehicle consumption scenarios through equity incentives. If each person saves 3-5 tons of carbon emissions and each car saves 3-5 tons of carbon emissions, multiplied by a large user base, this will drive the global carbon neutrality cause forward a big step.

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