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In early March, Jakub Kaminski was at home in suburban Boston when a grim message arrived from his friend, a surgeon in Ukraine: Tourniquets were in short supply, and without them, many Ukrainian soldiers could bleed out and die.

Kaminski, a robotics engineering graduate student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, thought his 3D-printing skills could help. Over the next two months, Kaminski and volunteers he recruited designed and refined eight versions of a tourniquet — pieces of cloth connected by buckles and plastic fastening clips — until they made one that was durable enough for war. It was easy for a soldier to tie and could be printed with consistently high quality.

Now, they’ve uploaded their best design to the internet. Around 120 individuals and companies worldwide with 3D printers have accessed the design. Together, they have made roughly 5,000 reusable tourniquets that

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In one corner stood the defending champion, Texas Instruments. In the other stood the challenger, Fairchild Semiconductor. The referee, judge, promoter, and only spectator was Polaroid. In contention was the contract for the electronics of Polaroid’s secret project—a pioneering product introduced in 1972 as the SX-70, a camera eventually purchased by millions of people.

As the embodiment of truly automated instant photography, the SX-70 fulfilled a long-held dream of Edwin Land, founder of Polaroid Corp., Cambridge, Mass. Vital to this “point and shoot” capability was a new film—one that would develop while exposed to light and so eliminate the tear-away covers of previous Polaroid films. Also vital were sophisticated electronics to control all single lens reflex (SLR) camera functions, including flashbulb selection, exposure control, mirror positioning, start of print development, and ejection of print. These circuits were divided into three modules, one each for motor, exposure and

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REDWOOD Town, Calif.–(Enterprise WIRE)–Jun 3, 2022–

Zuora, Inc. (NYSE: ZUO), the leading cloud-centered subscription administration system service provider, today declared that its Founder & Main Government Officer, Tien Tzuo, and Chief Fiscal Officer, Todd McElhatton, will existing at Baird’s 2022 Worldwide Purchaser, Know-how & Services Meeting in New York Town on Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. Jap Time (11:00 a.m. Pacific Time).

The presentation will be webcast live and accessible to replay on Zuora’s trader relations web-site at

About Zuora, Inc.

Zuora offers the main cloud-based mostly subscription administration platform that features as a system of document for membership firms across all industries. Powering the Membership Economy®, the Zuora system was architected exclusively for dynamic, recurring membership organization versions, and functions as an intelligent membership management hub that automates and orchestrates the complete quote to money and earnings recognition system. Zuora serves more than 1,000

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The following is the most current installment of the Toward Superior Instructing tips column. You can pose a question for a upcoming column in this article.

Though I typically use this place to give answers to instructing advice issues from professors, I preferred to attempt one thing diverse. So for my future several installments, I’m creating letters to individuals who have exemplified what it indicates to be an efficient teacher. This column, the first in the collection, is to my pal and colleague, Elizabeth Powell. Her willpower is psychology and she invited me to appear observe a person of her ultimate lessons at our university.

Dear Elizabeth,

You invited me to appear check out how you set up your course to mix on line and in-particular person attendance, and I immediately accepted.

Even though I have viewed you present quite a few instances in entrance of school, in all

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