The 2020 holiday season was rife with online shopping, which hit a record $188.2 billion, or two years’ worth of growth, according to an analysis from Adobe Digital Insights (ADI).

That number represents a 32 percent increase over the same time the previous year, ADI said.

The number of online spending during the two-month holiday shopping period was, for the first time, over $1 billion every day, according to ADI, which shows that the predominant mode of spending over the past year because of the pandemic is likely here to stay.

ADI also noted that Cyber Monday sales went past $10 billion, which made the average spend around $3 billion per day.

Contactless shopping was also prevalent, ADI said, as customers would buy goods online and pick them up in the store. That method yielded an increase from 15 percent to 25 percent in

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Consumers and retailers adopting contactless shopping tech

CES 2021 Contactless Shopping panel: (left) Laura Heller, Director Editorial Content & Communications, Publicis Health Media, and Peter Peng, founder and CEO, Jetson AI

Since the beginning of shopping time, retailers have continually admonished shoppers to “look, don’t touch.” In the age of COVID, consumers are now actively avoiding unnecessary touching goods in stores themselves.

But, Laura Heller, editorial content and communications director for Publicis Health Media and moderator of the CES 2021 “Future of Contactless Shopping conference,” noted that the acceleration of contactless shopping isn’t new or a reaction to COVID. “Contactless shopping has been trending for several years. These types of solutions are being embraced by retailers across the board, and mobile technologies are making contactless experiences for a time when contact can be dangerous, but they also promise

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The pandemic lockdown did not convince me to do online shopping. Like online banking, I do not trust and still don’t, what we have here.

I have this feeling that our online shopping industry is basically third world… inefficient and not trustworthy… with poor customer service. My wife recently bought some kitchen aid contraption costing about a thousand pesos and it arrived damaged.

We could not get them on their consumer hotline and they did not respond to our e-mails. That’s a thousand pesos gone, tuition fee to make us wiser in using local online shopping services.

There was, however, one time when my wife was able to return a product that did not come up to her expectations. It shows that performance of online shopping vendors is spotty.

We also tried buying from an online service that claims to help farmers sell their produce. The vegetables and fruits were

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Americans have spent more money online during the 2020 holiday season than ever before, as they used the Internet to purchase gifts amid the pandemic.

Online holiday season revenue grew by 32% year-over-year and exceeded $188.2 billion for the first time, according to Adobe Analytics. Every day during November and December, including Christmas Eve, exceeded $1 billion in sales, with Cyber Monday exceeding $10 billion. 

More website visitors drove the lift in sales, while the average order value remained flat year-over-year. Specifically, consumers shifted their buying habits to take advantage of retailers’ “Buy Online Pick-Up in Store” options, with 25% of orders utilizing that service — an increase of 40% over 2019 holiday levels.

Interestingly, smartphones continued their steady increase despite the shift to remote work. In November and December, 40% of revenue came from smartphones, equating to $23 billion more than was spent on smartphones during the

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