Nike is opening a new technology center in Atlanta as part of its digital transformation and direct-to-consumer strategy.

In a statement on Thursday, Nike said it chose Atlanta because of “its strong connection to sport, as well as the city’s wealth of skilled and diverse tech talent – both in the private and public sectors – and all the great universities in the region.”

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As part of this new office, Nike said it is launching three “Centers of Excellence” focused on disciplines that are particularly strong in the region like logistics and supply chain, which Nike is using to accelerate its digital-first supply chain strategy. Nike added that the center will also focus on cybersecurity and will establish an East Coast cybersecurity command center. The facility will also explore artificial intelligence and machine learning to help reimagine consumer experiences.

The Atlanta technology center will be located

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Textio CEO Kieran Snyder (via LinkedIn)

What’s the impact of the words we use?

Augmented writing platform Textio uses machine learning and natural language processing to take the guesswork out of business communication, offering predictive analytics designed to help companies recruit a diverse workforce and build an inclusive culture. 

The 120-person Seattle-based tech company, led by CEO Kieran Snyder, has been going through a transformation of its own during the past two years, expanding its product lineup while taking its own workforce fully remote, and recruiting more people outside the Seattle area.

In the process, the company built its own in-house online tool for participatory time-boxed conversations, for team-building and collaboration among its employees. Dubbed “Umeo,” it’s not a product … at least not yet. 

Snyder, who was named the CEO of the Year in the 2021 GeekWire Awards, joins us on this episode of the GeekWire Podcast for a

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Environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives have vastly affected recent commercial and investment activity, and aviation is no exception. In just the last year, we have seen unprecedented investment by major airlines and others in new sustainable aviation technology, including electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL), electric commercial aircraft, hydrogen propulsion engines, hybrid electric aircraft, new offerings of sustainable aviation fuel, and many others. Such investments—whether via purchase of equipment, debt or equity investments, or other commercial arrangements—present exciting and transformative opportunities for manufacturers, airlines and customers. But they also present unique, and in many cases, substantial risks for airlines. As such, conducting appropriate legal due diligence—and engaging an experienced legal team to do so—is critical.

Diligencing the Technology Itself

As in other contexts, lawyers are usually not charged with technical or commercial diligence of developmental technology. However, experienced lawyers can quarterback the significant coordination needed among several departments

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Another Canadian cybersecurity firm has sold itself to an American company to help it expand.

Quebec-based security awareness training company Terranova Security has been taken over by HelpSystems, a Minnesota-based firm that has been on a recent acquisition spree. Seven months ago it bought phishing threat intelligence provider PhishLabs, and just over a year ago it bought email phishing defence provider Agari.

No purchase price was revealed by the companies. It will now be known as ‘Terranova by HelpSystems.’

The sale comes months before Terranova‘s 20th anniversary, said founder and CEO Lise Lapointe. It was her third IT training-related firm.

In 2020 IT World Canada named Lapointe one of Canada’s Top Women in Cybersecurity.

“Consolidation of the market,” is one reason Lapointe said she is giving up control of the firm. “We need to have solid partners to bring the business to another level, and HelpSystems was

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